A variety of products keep increasing in the hair market but customers are confused as to which products are the best for them. Especially products targeted for African American females with the terms ‘frizz controls’ or ‘curl defining’. Often, customers tend to favor the products with natu-ral ingredients for better protection of the hair, and the most popular are natural oils. These oil products can be mixed with a blend of different products which makes it versatile yet safe. Many of these oils are used in cooking so since it’s safe to put into your body, it will be great for the hair as well. In this case, which type of oil would be best for my hair? Let us look at the different types and choose the perfect natural oil for you!

Coconut Oil

crucial for supplying moisture
Coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils for various textures of hair. In reality, most oils do not moisturize the hair and instead pro-vide water to the hair. However, coconut oil is processed in a way that makes the oil penetrate the barriers of the scalp and even moistur-izes deep into the pores. Coconut oil is found in grocery stores but is recommended to use the organic product if possible. Not only is coconut oil good for the hair, it does wonders in keeping the body moisturized as well!

Jojoba Oil

great for scalp massages
The most special features of the jojoba oil is that it has ingredients that are very similar to what is found in the scalp. This makes it ideal for the jojoba oil to be massaged into the scalp to maintain a healthy pH. It is also effective when used right after you wash your hair, in a wet state. When choosing a jojoba oil, a gold colored product is great. This oil can also be used as a makeup remover and a skin moisturizer.

Olive Oil

massage into an itchy scalp
It is recommended to use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) which is mainly used for cooking. This oil has many nutrients that are lost during pro-cessing but still does a great job of nourishing a dry scalp. For those of you with an itchy scalp, doing a frequent EVOO massage will yield great results. Olive oil is known to be great for a healthy hard and dry skin.

Grapeseed Oil

good for daily use because of lack of scent
Grapeseed oil is good for women who want a lightweight oil, similar to the almond oil, after applying. Unlike olive oil, there is no strong scent and is great to use on the go. Customers with dandruff should do a regular grapeseed oil scalp message to see amazing results.

Tea Tree oil

good for dandruff and acne
Rather than directly applying on the scalp, it is better for tea tree oil to always be used in combination with other oils. It comes in a much smaller container than other oils due to its powerful effects. Tea tree oil is an essential oil which has a very saturated effect that lasts a little while with great results. It is popular for helping acne and itchy scalps with dandruff.

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