About Us


BNB published its first issue in June 2006 under the name of BXB Magazine, and changed the name to BNB Magazine in January, 2008.

It all started with a passion for making good beauty magazines. With that passion, the first issue of BNB was released in June 2006. BNB magazine has been issued in both English and Korean from the beginning and released all over the U.S, free of charge, with a big commitment to make magazines that are not one sided. BNB focuses on providing useful information that can be applied to its readers’ business by communicating with an open-mind with great graphic design to arouse interest. BNB has secured its position as the industry’s top beauty magazine with its interesting features as well as good quality pictures, infographics, and graphic design. BNB will keep contributing to provide practical information that can be applied to its readers’ business and easy-on-the-eye graphic design for their better understanding. BNB will focus on making useful magazines that can be read over and over. BNB Magazine is made by people who have a strong passion for making practical magazines.

BNB Magazine
President Byung D.Lee
01 Free Subscription

BNB Magazine is currently distributed to over 7,500 readers in the U.S. for free and written in both English and Korean.

02 Visual Magazine

BNB Magazine has evolved from “Magazine to read” to “Magazine to look at” by adding lively pictures taken with professional cameras and photograph techniques to show real situations to its readers.

03 Objective Articles

BNB Magazine provides objective articles that are not on anyone’s side. BNB is politically neutral as it stands for no specific companies or associations, which enables BNB to write articles based on facts only.

04 Up-to-date Mailing List

BNB Magazine checks a mailing list of subscribers twice a year to keep its list updated. Also, once an individual has submitted a subscription request via mail, fax, or website and the submitted address has been confirmed as a legitimate business address, she or he will be added to the mailing list. The number of subscribers has been steadily increasing.

05 Practicality

BNB Magazine aims to make constant communication with its readers by offering various participating opportunities such as Dining and Talking, Retailers’ comments, SNS news, and Reader quizzes.

06 Participation

BNB Magazine offers special content that various wholesale companies participate in such as Product development, Interview with salesmen, Products in focus, which is to introduce products or wholesale companies.