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01 Participation is open to all advertisers

Participation for Special Report
BNB directly introduces or makes references to advertisers’ products related to topics of Special Report. For example, in the Special Report the topic was about different types of hair curls, and the advertisers’ curl products were introduced.

Hot & New items (Monthly)
BNB readers’ most favorite and must-read article “Hot & New items” introduces advertisers’ products that they want to promote within the half size of a page per advertiser every month.

Retailer’ s Pick / Special Products
To introduce specific groups of products that need to be spotlighted. For example, when braided wigs were sought after, the products of advertisers who were selling braided wigs were introduced.

‘It’ products
Introducing ‘It’ products that have special features in detail.

Professional Column
BNB features business advising columns from professional contributing writers.

Exploring Wholesalers
To introduce advertisers’ company by visiting their company in person to collect article material, which helps the advertisers enhance their brand image.

My Company!
The story of your company that you want to communicate to readers on any subject such as our products, culture, brands, employees, etc.

Industry News
To provide must-know industry news for retailers or updates on various events such as shows.

02 For Hair companies

Look Book (Monthly)
One of BNB’ s popular feature, LookBook, is introducing hairstyles of the month under a certain theme and hair products matching. It is designed to be cut off and put up at retail stores, which is directly exposed to consumers and attracts them to buy the products. (e.g hairstyles for job interviews, hairstyles by face shape, hot celebrities’ hairstyles, and hairstyles by dress type for homecoming)

Story of a Salesman
Introducing hair industry’ news reporter “salesmen” , such as their personal life, that interests retailers, their main products that they carry in their business trip baggage, which naturally promotes their company and products.

R&D story
Introducing interesting stories behind specific products as how they are developed or what unknown features they have.

Youtuber’ s choice
Introducing Youtubers’ reviews on hot items matter of factly.

03 For Hair care product Companies

All about chemicals
Explaining ingredients about hair care products and their effects in an easy and fun way.

Product Reviews
Selecting a product every month and providing its consumer reviews matter of factly, which shows how the product is evaluated on the market.

04 For GM / Fashion /Appliances / Cosmetic companies

General Merchandise (Monthly)
Introducing hot-selling items and new general merchandise in accordance with seasons.

Learning Cosmetics
Accurate information about cosmetics is provided to the Beauty Supply retailer officials.

Hot seasonal make-up items
Introducing seasonal make-up items.