1st Annual Miss Beauty Master

1st Annual Miss Beauty Master


BM USA LLC, headed by CEO Hyungkwon Park, hosted its first event of “Beauty Master High School Student Model Competition” on 9th and 10th of February 2019. On Day 1, a dress fashion show sponsored by Lucci Lu, a fashion com-pany known for its prom dresses, unfolded on the stage, and on Day 2 the stage was filled with 48 student model finalists selected from some 100 candidates wearing dresses and showing off their beauty on the runway. The ultimate decision was made by points consisting 1000 points from Instagram “Like” ranks and 1000 points given by judges including representatives of the Empire Beauty School, Lucci Lu’s CEO Vince Pan, Anny’s Bridal’s CEO Danny Cynn, and other respected members of Georgia com-munity. The top contender received $1,000 in scholarship money, and other runners-up received a great deal of awards includ-ing scholarship money as well as prom dresses. Arely Lobo who earned the top spot in the competition spoke in her acceptance speech how unforgettable day it was in her high school life and how much she appreciated the great experi-ence she had throughout the competition which provided her of self-confidence as well as an opportunity to meet invalu-able friends.


Audiences who attended the event to cheer the contestants were filled with joy while praising the event for being a great festival their family and friends can all talk about and for mak-ing them to like Korean culture and K-beauty even more. CEO Hyungkwon Park who enjoyed every moment of the event summed up his feelings with the following comment: “We were surprised by the enthusiastic response despite the short preparation time. We were happy to generate memo-rable moments for many high school students who will soon graduate. We wanted to encourage students to have courage and confidence to stand on the stage.” Of course, he did not forget to thank all the volunteers who lent their hands and contributed in various ways. He also said that “it was our great pleasure to in-troduce K-beauty along with the Korean culture that is gaining popularity in American society” and asked for a continued inter- est in the future. CEO Park further noted that the High School Student Model Competition in Georgia will con-tinue to be held ahead of gradua-tion and prom season and that in coming August they have a model competition for adults planned. He also expressed his willingness to share his knowhows with anyone who is interested in holding similar events.


Many volunteers decorated this event with their talents and contributions. Along with the director of the Empire Beauty School, fashion beauty specialists, beauticians, and make-up artists joined their forces together for the event. A director of the event Emilia Huerta, who taught contestants gait, posture, and stage manners, shared her insight from participating in all phases of the event including preparation as follows: “it brought me great happiness to see all contestants were focused, engaged, and learning with an open mind. Whether they won or not, everyone became one through this rare op- portunity. They did not compete against other con- testants but themselves in this event.”

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