YouTuber’s D.I.Y. Braid Products, Where are They in Our Stores?

YouTuber’s D.I.Y. Braid Products,
Where are They in Our Stores?


Summer has begun, which means it’s braid season again. Due to COVID-19, the number of people who want to self-braid at home has increased. Because of this, many wonder what kind of products they should use to create the style they want. These days, the Knotless braid, which pulls less on the scalp, is the basis of all styles. Also, many people prefer the Jumbo braid, which could be easily done at home. As a countermeasure for reduced customers, Braiders are making premium tutorial videos of trending braids. Let’s find out what styles are in vogue this summer and what products should be recommended to consumers.

01. Pop Smoke Braid

It was originally called Tribal braids or Jumbo feed-in braids and was a style that had existed for a long time, but rapper Pop Smoke created it as his signature style and people began to call it Pop Smoke braid’. It is sometimes called “Gangster Braid” in some areas. It is usually done in four braids on both sides of the head, and the amount of hair can be adjusted according to the desired braid thickness.

02. Knotless Jumbo Braid

Jumbo braid is a style that is suitable for beginners to try on their own for the first time, so it has emerged as a prominent trend since COVID-19. It is expected to be the hottest style this summer. According to professional braiders, the jumbo braid is not dense but relatively thick and loose. Also, it lasts up to about 2 weeks, so it is suggested as a style for holiday season. To maintain this style in a healthy way, it is required keep the scalp clean and hair moist with mousse or oil.

03. BOB Butterfly Locs

It was one of the hottest trends last year, but it is still a thing this summer as well. Last year, if you wanted this look, you had to use 7-8 packs of water waves. However, this year, many hair companies have launched a variety of pre-looped styles to complete this look in an easier way. If this trend has a difference from last year, the length is shorter, the locks are not constant, and it may have curls sticking out or the ends may be curly.

04. Coi Leray Braids

Goddess braid is a type of braiding that is popular every year. It can be made into various styles by changing the length and thickness, but the trend setter of this year is Coi Leray’s signature hair, the thick Goddess braid with curly finishes. It is easy to confuse with jumbo braid, but the difference is in the length and after braiding, deep twist or water wave braiding hair is added on some parts of the braid to make it curly. By doing this, you can highlight the originality of the Goddess braid.

05. Knotless Passion Braid

This is a mixture of jumbo box braids and passion twists. Braid straight braiding hair and water wave hair together to acquire this look. Some put some butterfly accessories to make it stand out. It’s easy for beginners to do it themselves because you don’t have to braid neatly to make it seem stylish. It is popular with adults, as well as children. It lasts for about 6 weeks.

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