Your Life is Our Business!

Your Life is Our Business!

“Kind and compassionate, Eric Jeong” Eric Jeong is a sales manager of Amekor Industries, a family company of Aderans. We had the pleasure of listening to the stories he shared when we first met at Amekor headquarter in Pennsylvania. Mr. Jeong used to be responsible for the management of beauty supply stores on the east side. Now he travels to 6 additional states, California, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada, to meet his customers. He usually flies from state to state and rents a car to visit multiple retail stores within a state. He points out that the total number of miles he has traveled so far is enough to loop around the world.


5 seconds make a difference
It’s all about the timing, especially on that day. About a year ago, Mr. Jeong was heading toward his rental car parked at a lot in Auckland, after he finished up his work at a beauty supply store. The event unfolded right in front of him, as a tall, strong-built man broke his car window to grab his belonging, then hopped on to another car standing by. Mr. Jeong courageously charged toward the man and grabbed on to him through the window, desperate to retrieve the bag. The car rolled away with him clinging on but the man kicked away Mr. Jeong. He lost his conscious for a moment as he flopped to the ground. It took some time to recover from bleed-ing from the head and lost belonging. “I’m just glad that things didn’t further escalate. I was actually lucky, considering how reckless I was. The incident occurred when my business was expanding. After the loss, I realized the importance of maintaining my own well-being. “ Mr. Jeong shared as he looked back on the unfortunate event. “I used to have a lot of hair but I had a large balding spot after the incident. The hair doesn’t easily grow back n the injured spot. If I arrived n the scene just 5 seconds later I would’ve avoide being injured… That stolen bag had my passport, wallet, tablet computer and their personal items. I was able to find my passport later” With precautions, Mr. Jeong now safely enjoys visiting local stores without feeling worried.

Miss Erika inside the carrier
A smiling mannequin from Amekor pleases the eye. Because his name is “Eric”, the mannequin head is named “Erika”. The product appears much more appealing when neatly displayed on a head rather than taken just out of the bag with hair all cold-setted. With Erika in his hand, Mr. Jeong enthusiastically explains Amekor prod-ucts. Intrigued by his pitch, some retailers even asks for the man-nequin heads. Mr. Jeong often gets stopped and have his bag inspected at the air-port security because of the mannequin inside his bag. People are so startled to discover a plastic head inside the carrier, and some laugh it off. He jokingly introduces the head as his lover. Mr. Jeong is always brainstorming more creative and suitable ways to better serve his customers and to think from their perspective.

Special Analysis for the customers
Mr. Jeong keeps himself busy before going on a business trip. In addition to his regular routine when visiting stores, he always pre-pares custom business analysis for each retail store to organize best selling items, previous orders, return items, and other criteria that may come in handy. “I print out the analysis for every store, even the smallest beauty supply shops. Plain data can be hard to comprehend so I always explain the printout to the store manager or owners in detail. For the month of April, these items moved faster than others, and for May, these are the bestsellers.” Customers often refer to the well-organized data, which correctly reflects the individual’s preference or the pattern in previous orders, when placing their future order.

The Solution is carefully studying the site.
“If we don’t get enough orders, I make trips more often, even at night and on the weekends.” Mr. Jeong tries to visit all six states within the 2-week long business trip. His schedule depends on the customer’s availability and the real work starts when they meet in person. Mr. Jeong reviews his customer’s inventory and storage space with care as his own. He
even carries around a tape measure to figure out the dimension of the promotional banner that best fit the size of the store. He also never forgets to take a picture, to carefully study what his customers may need.


Well-received new products
Stretch braid made with Spetra fiber, Brazilian wig, and Bang & Pony items are some of the most beloved Amekore products. ‘YAS’, a newly launched bundle hair item is also steadily making its way up. Mr. Jeong’s specialty is selling wigs. Human-blend ponytail and longer-lengths are also be-coming higher in demand. Mr. Jeong’s bag is always filled with company catalogs and various types of samples to recommend to the retailers.

Passion to touch people’s heart
“Some kind-hearted retailers provide us meals knowing the dis-tance we’ve traveled. Such a warm welcome brings joy to my heart. Many of my customers treat me well like their family” Growing up in a larger family, Mr. Jeong is comfortable around older customers. He started thinking of a career in international sales during his first year as an exchange student in america. After graduating with a degree in international trade, Mr. Jeong started working with trade across France and Europe in regards to perfume products. Afterward, he had the opportunity to move to America and was recommended to work at Amekor. “Hello, sir? I’m Eric from Vivica Fox, serving you with kindness and compassion“ Mr. Jeong enthusiastically enters the store with his “Erika”. His goal is simple yet requires effort to achieve, and it’s working with and for the people. He always believes that his busi- ness is running thanks to his customers and we hope that his youth-ful passion will continue to blossom with Amekor. Mr. Jeong also strives to improve his work ethic by learning from his role model, Hyung-rok Ha, who runs his own business as an architect. He grew up watching the success story of a humble man who always make just and lawful decisions even if he is at a loss. “As someone who wishes to be even more successful one day, I al-ways study Mr. Ha’s life story, how to care for business partners and people around you. Even when you feel like you are losing profit, the kindness you’ve shown to the others will pay off in the end.” In other words, he emphasized that you may be reluctant to receive returned items but your generosity help your monthly sales to grow.

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