Wig Trends Read by Influencers!

Wig Trends Read by Influencers!


Reading the next wig trend is an old homework for those in the beauty industry. This is because catching the style of hair that the public wants faster than others means becoming a leader in the hair market.

This homework is sometimes solved in unexpectedly close places, because sometimes trends are made by people we know. The impact of influencers these days is enough to create a wig trend for one season. Let’s predict the next wig trend through the hottest stars and wig designers that the public pays attention to these days.

What’s Next Trend from Beyoncé?
  • She introduced long braiding last year, and it was a hit this year.
  • She suggests natural beauty of an African American woman.
  • Delicately intertwined braids go along with the traditional ornaments originated from African culture.

People have long been intrigued in what styles is worn by which celebrity. They closely watch the whereabouts and the appearance of their favorite stars to study and mimic their hair and fashion. This often is a source of a new trend. Beyoncé and Cardi B are by far the most popular stars nowadays.

Last year, she showed off her long braid hair for Lion King’s theme song, titled “Spirit”. Then-strange 30-foot-long braids made an impact on many people, and as a result, one of the hot sellers in this summer had been longer braids. The hair worn by Beyoncé was custom-made upon her order, and her stylists reportedly worked on the hairstyle for three days and nights.


©www.beyonce.com 30-foot-long Braids


What about this winter? She released a visual album “Black is King” this summer. The album was well received by the critics, and Beyoncé proved herself as a trendsetter once again. This album was visually directed by Beyoncé overall. For Black is King, she sought after the inherent beauty of an African American woman by trying out lots of Africa’s traditional fashion and hairstyles.


©Courtesy Disney+ Hairstyle created by braiding hair in a traditional African method with the bullhorns on top.

©Courtesy Disney+ Baby hair was braided up gently to cover a third of the head with swirling-shaped hair on top.


Neal Farinah, who worked with her for this album, explained the various hairstyles and related decorative pieces worn by Beyoncé on his Instagram.

Instagram @nealfarinah Delicately formed braids and hairstyles that blend with traditional decorative pieces from Africa


This Year’s Suggestion from Tokyo Stylez, the Wig Trendsetter/Designer.
  • Her trademark long hairstyles with center part.
  • Be assertive for a bolder look! Using color, shape, and accessories freely.

Wig designers who work with celebs’ hair can be the source of the future trend in coming year. If they come up with something and suggest it to a star, it can be a trend. We introduce a designer who is exclusively working with many hot African American musicians.

Mia Jackson from Omaha, Nebraska is a transgender who is sweeping the wig market in the name of Tokyo Stylez. She was first recognized as the hair stylist for Kylie Jenner, and more recently, she became the fan-favorite after becoming the hairstylist for Cardi B.


Instagram @tokyostylez


The style she often wears is the one of which she is most confident. Highlighted center part of a long straight hair was accented with colors. This wig inspired many recently released wigs.

Instagram @iamcardib

She is also known for making bold attempts. For her ability of using the colors, shapes, and hair accessories to a great advantage, she is widely acclaimed in the wig industry. Sometimes, she creates a point by braiding baby hair with a unique shaped hair on top, which emphasizes the uniqueness of Cardi B.


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