Wig Sales Guide to Increase Customer Satisfaction Even if They Can’t Try It On

Wig Sales Guide to Increase Customer Satisfaction Even if They Can’t Try It On

Wig sales, which brought a lot of profits to the beauty supply market, had various crises since the pandemic. Not only is the price soaring due to insufficient supply from the country of origin, but customers also can’t try them on due to concerns of spreading covid-19, and refunds aren’t allowed as well. Just as each person wants a different style of clothing and each brand has a slightly different size, each customer has a different head size, face shape, and desired wig function, so it is necessary to carefully classify and recommend wigs. We looked at sales methods that understands the inconvenience of customers and let them buy wigs that they would not regret purchasing.

What do you care about most when buying a wig after not trying it on?

Whether it looks natural, the size, and whether it looks harmonious with one’s face. Even if you can’t try it on, the advantage that beauty supply stores have compared to online stores is that the color, length, and texture can be checked with the mannequins on display. Therefore, if you consult them about the naturalness and size after wearing, which is the most worrying part, you can help them get a more satisfying purchase. Let’s look at the differences between wigs as well as new and popular products by wig type.

01. Non-Lace Wig

In general, non-human hair is a non-lace wig that is cost-effective, at 10 to 30 dollars. It is a good product to recommend to customers who frequently change their style or who do not want to bother with additional care after wearing.

Outre Wig Converti Cap Curly K.O
Available in many styles, there are drawstrings with adjustable caps for a custom fit. Even though it is not a lace wig, it is possible to do styles such as ponytail or UP-DO.


Janet Collection Virgin Human Hair Wig Lavish Malia
Virgin human hair, Perfect for customers who want a short and luxurious style. Curling and straightening are possible.


02. Half Wig

The half wig is a product that customers who are worried about the size or fit of the wig can easily choose. It fits well with any head size and can be bought without wearing it.

Sensationnel Half Wig N Pony Wrap Instant Up N Down UD 9
A half wig product that can create a ponytail up and down


A product that adds a sense of stability and minimizes natural hair by developing a new half wig cap


03. Lace Frontal

It is the most popular type of wig currently on the market. The ear-to-ear area is made of lace and the other part is made by machine. In particular, recently released lace frontal wigs tend to increase the area of lace, and products that increase the stable fit of wigs by attaching an elastic band to the wig cap are being released.

Outre Perfect hairline Faux Scalp

Chade Fake Scalp Wig

With a large area of lace that looks like scalp, you can freely make the parting such as braiding, and the wig cap has an elastic band with good elasticity so that the size can be adjusted according to the size of the head.


Bobbi Boss Lace Front 4.5 Deep lace Part Macaria
Natural-looking with a 4.5-inch deep parting, has the latest styles and colors. Hair comb and ear tabs on both sides of the cap enhance stability.


04. 360 degree Lace Wig

The hairline, crown, and back of the wig are made of lace. Parting can be made anywhere, so it allows updos and ponytails. Recommended for customers who want multiple styles with a single wig.

Sensationnel Lace Wig Cloud 9 What Lace 360 Swiss Lace
A product that can create a perfect UP-DO style with an elastic mesh cap and a stable hair comb attached.

Hair Republic 360 Tru Remy Human Wig
Remy Human Hair Textured 360 lace wig enables natural raised hair styles as well as WET & WAVY styles.


Recommending Wig Size is Difficult. Here’s the Solution

Most of the wigs supplied to the beauty supply are usually released in average size (54cm~57cm), and there is a cap adjustment strap on the wig, so most minor problems can be solved. Still, many people can purchase wigs with confidence just by giving simple tips to customers who are concerned about the size.


Solutions for small wigs after purchase

Signs of a small wig size

  • The wig sticks up, revealing the scalp or hairline.
  • When the crown is raised above the head, and the crown is protruding.
  • A feeling of tightness on the temple or pulling hair


01. Extension of elastic band

Cut the elastic band inside the wig adjustment cap in half and sew in extra pieces of elastic band as many as you want. Adding an extra band will loosen the wig and make it more comfortable to wear. This is an easy way to do it, and you only need a piece of thread, needle, and elastic band.

©YouTuber Rayann410


02. Cornrow instead of natural hair

than keeping the natural hair under the wig cap, cornrowing can increase the space of the wig.



Solutions for loose wigs after purchase

Signs of a big wig size

  • The wig moves when the head moves.
  • Gap between the ear and the lace
  • Natural hair is visible


01. WIG GRIP / Elastic Band

©YouTuber Ashley Bedeck

You can increase stability by connecting a rubber elastic band sold in Beauty Supply stores to the cap. Also, not only can WIG GRIP prevent slippage of the hairline, but it can also fill the space of the wig.


02. Wig tape

©YouTuber Charlion Patrice

Compared to glue, tape generally does not irritate the skin, so it is more friendly to the scalp and secures the wig.


03. Wig clips

©Annie 12 Wig Clips

Wig clips are effective for fixing large wigs, and can only be used if you are not wearing a wig cap. The advantage is that it can be easily used without adhesives or glues. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, it is highly usable.


End worrying about the size and fit! Creative wigs

Royal Imex Zury Sis Scarf Wig
An idea product that can be used comfortably in everyday life by simply tying it with a scarf. No more worrying about cap size or hairline.

A product that can be used conveniently without styling when you need to go out briefly or exercise


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