What American consumers want?

What skin care products do American consumers want?


US consumers’ desire for new products is very high, according to market research. The characteristics of these American consumers have become the foundation for popularity of K-Beauty products in the United States. In the recent survey it is found that American cosmetics consumers will see what skin care products they want.

American beauty consumers always want to try new products

According to Market research conducted by Benchmarking Company, US consumers are finding new and better quality skincare products, even if they are satisfied with the products they are currently using. According to the survey, 89% of respondents are always looking for new skin care products and 80% said they are looking for new products even if they like their current products. 97% of respondents said they would like to try a new skin care product and 89% of consumers are willing to pay more for high quality products. Eighty-eight percent said they would share information about their skin-care products with their family members or friends, and 81 percent said they would ask their family or friends for advice about skin-care products.

US skin care consumers’ biggest worries are acne and fine wrinkles

The benchmark company survey found that the majority (65%) of US consumers are using 3-5 skincare products daily to solve their skin troubles. Younger generations, from generation Z to millennial generation, have identified acne as the greatest skin anxiety, and Gen X and Baby Boomer have shown that fine wrinkles and wrinkles are the primary skin concern. In the survey, 71% of consumers still feel that they are still lacking in using various skin care products to solve their skin troubles. By Generation, Z generation responded to acne, Millennial to Dark Circle, X Generation and Baby Boomer to feel less need to relieve fine lines, and in all ages dark skin circles were their primary concern in skin conditions to be improve. US beauty consumers were the most frequently used facial cleansers (72%), followed by eye creams (55%), makeup remover wet tissues (54%) and anti-aging products (53%). By age, consumers of the Millennium age or younger age did not use anti-aging products much, and those who were older than age X were one of the most popular anti-aging products. According to a benchmark company survey, US skin care consumers are not currently using the products they want to try, but Cleansing balm, Detox Products and Beauty Devices have been found. In the case of cleansing balm, consumers of all ages below generation X want to try it the most. In the case of desire to use beauty devices, demand was high in the Z generation, and the baby boomers, the elderly, showed the highest interest in Detox products.

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