What are the Summer Trends this Year? Take a Look at Beauty YouTubers’ Hair!

What are the Summer Trends this Year?
Take a Look at Beauty YouTubers’ Hair!


Summer has come again, getting hair industry workers on their toes. This is because one needs to read the latest trends well to gain an advantage in sales, and easily recommend styles when communicating with consumers. The easiest and most convincing indicator in reading trends is influencers’ recent course of style. The public is affected most by those influencers, and in addition to the mass media, hair industry fashions are mainly derived out of them. Let’s take a look at the styles recently posted by popular influencers.


Jasmine Brown

YouTuber of 2.4 million subscribers

Last month, she introduced several styles using wet hair to fit summer looks. The video has received enthusiastic responses from subscribers and is plain sailing. From hair styles that take hours to styles that take seconds, which ones should we pay attention to?

Two Braided Pigtails
While the hair is wet, part hair into two sections and braid each about 20 times, making pigtails. Then, brush out the bangs, making that wet texture come to life.

High Bun with Little Accessory
First, tie your hair up and make a ponytail, braid it, wrap the braid around into a bun, then decorate it with a hair band to complete the style.

Space bun
Make high pigtails, then twist the hair tight into a bun. According to taste, you can let your bangs down.

French Bubble Braid
This is one of the most complicated styles. The pigtails on both sides are tied again several times down the middle with rubber hair bands to create a full look. The style is complete when you add volume to the divided bubble parts with your fingers.


YouTuber of 2.08 million subscribers

Kim, who is famous for her professional hair videos, has been attracting attention since the first half of the year by presenting a number of hair styles. The videos she introduces are steadily viewed and used because her content varies greatly from styling natural hair to styling using hair supplies.

Easy Wash N Go For Natural Hair
Divide the hair into several sections, apply gel, and maintain volume. Until the gel dries, blow-dry each section with a dryer, and you will get natural styled hair.

Butterfly Bob Locs
Kim had pointed out the butterfly bob locs to be in vogue this summer. This style, made by hand-braiding every box braid on the head, is currently one of the hottest styles in the hair industry.

Easy & Neat Passion Twists
It starts out as box braids, just like the butterfly bob locs, but in this video, she created her look using a hair product. She weaved the bought product into her natural hair with her hands and fixed it with rubber bands.

Braided Topnot bun
After putting her natural hair in a bun, she attached a braiding hair product with a band, then fixed it by braiding them. It can be finished with three bobby pins and brushing the edges.

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