Upcoming Fall’s Hot Beauty Trend

Upcoming Fall’s Hot Beauty Trend


This autumn’s lip makeup trend can be succinctly put as “moist over color.” You want to avoid a thick and heavy lip colors but instead apply ample moisturizers to create a bright and shiny skin in the all seasons. Accordingly, keep foundations breathable and lightweight, and focus on mascara and eyebrows in addition to the glossy lips this fall.


Reverse Cateye

Reverse cateye is created by a thick line under the eye instead of the eye lid. While gel and pencil eyeliners are typically used to draw a thick line along the upper eyelashes, reverse cateye technique applies a smoky makeup along the lower eyelashes. click here to watch this video

@Angela Bright / A detailed YouTube video instruction on reverse cateye makeup


Moist lips

The lips that are concealed during mask mandates are on a hot spot now. This fall, the trend has shifted from dark matte lipsticks to lip glosses with a hint of color. If you are little shy on lip glosses, lip stains currently in growing popularity can also add a slight color to your lips. Shiny lips, moist skin with light makeup, and bold eyelines are the three primaries of this fall makeup trend. click here to watch this video

A trendy style with an exaggerated eye makeup and moist lip gloss makeup. See YouTube video for more details



Bold eyelashes

Except for the area covered under a mask, the only exposed feature on your face is the pair of eyes. This year, eye makeup was naturally at the center of attention. This fall, it’s anticipated that voluminous eyelashes continue to be popular. Beauty experts predict that even bolder and more voluminous eyelines using mascaras as well as faux eyelashes will be of trend. More diverse mascara colors are on their way to the market, so stay attuned.

Dark purple and indigo colored mascara are expected to be a hit @whowhatwhere.com


Voluminous eyelashes

In addition to thick and voluminous eyelashes, thick eyebrows should continue its popularity. In old days, thin and long eyebrows highlighted the femininity, but thick eyebrows are a big trend this year. For example, you can search #Soapbrows on social media and find the fluffy and voluminous eyebrows that are fixed with wax in soaps instead of eyebrow mascara. click here to watch this video

A video instruction on how to create thick and voluminous eyebrows


Neon colored eyeshadows

This summer, neon colored eyeshadows continued to stay highly popular. Like in the Versace fashion show, vivid neon colored eyeshadows should retain its deserved popularity this fall. Especially, your closet full of brown and black themed clothes can create fashionable and trendy looks with vivid color highlights from eye makeup. click here to watch this video

A trendy look completed with moderate application of neon colored eyeshadows Instagram @fatimacaser


Graphic eyeshadow

Graphic eyeshadow has its namesake graphical effects created by the shape of eyeshadows. Traditionally, eyeshadows are applied in gradation to give a full area of color under eyebrows, but graphic eyeshadows are drawn with lines and curves around the eyebrows for graphic effects. Geometric shapes of eyeshadows, typically only seen in a fashion show, became a unique and modern makeup in the mainstream. click here to watch this video

Bold but simple graphic eyeshadow created with white colored eyeshadows


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