Unhinged Growth of False Eyelashes

Unhinged Growth of False Eyelashes

According to a research by Giovanni Lashes Factory, Americans consume over 40 million pairs of false eyelashes every month, adding up to half a billion pairs of false eyelashes a year. And the numbers keep growing. Like lipsticks, more and more women consider false eyelashes as one of the daily essentials. We look into the statistics and trend for the ever-changing false eyelashes market.

PART1. Growing false eyelashes market

U.S. false eyelashes market value 2016-2022(in million U.S. dollars) ⓒStatista

This chart shows the history and expected growth of the false eyelashes market from 2016 to 2022 based on the data available in 2020. The U.S. false eyelashes market is anticipated to grow to approximately 250 million dollars in 2022.

The sales revenue of false eyelashes in beauty supply stores tells the same story. Just a few years ago, one or two shelving units were commonly devoted to false eyelashes, but nowadays, false eyelashes fill an entire wall in many stores. Compare to the following two pictures. How much space do false eyelashes take up in your store?

The same goes for brands. Before 2018, the false eyelashes market in the beauty supply industry was largely divided between Ardell and KISS. According to the data from Statista, the market leader, Ardell Fashion, recorded 18.6 million dollars in revenue, and Kiss Even EZ Lashes 12.3 million dollars. However, after 2018, the market has experienced some changes.

Annual sales of the leading false eyelashes and adhesives in the United States in 2017 vs. Sales growth of the leading false eyelashes and adhesive brands in the United States in 2019 (in million U.S. dollars)ⓒStatista

The false eyelashes market as a whole has grown, but the growth of major brands rather slowed down because various companies entered the market following the release of 3D lashes in the end of 2017. Most 3D lashes were produced in China in smaller scales, so in early days, the supply could not reach the scale required for big brands. Subsequently, small and mid-sized companies distributed them marginally in the U.S. market. In other words, smaller players could share the market. Subsequently, after 2018, many companies, small and large, are dividing up the false eyelashes market in the U.S. although still the larger companies control a significant portion of the market.

In addition to the market leader Ardell, many brands including LaFlare and KISS as well as Absolute NY, Blackpink, Ebin NY, J.cat, LA Charme, Miss, and Sassi are currently competing in the market


False eyelashes as an anchor seller in beauty supply

If you ask “why false eyelashes are trending?” in a beauty supply store, their answer would be “false eyelashes are not a trend but a staple.” Some people even say they never go out without wearing false eyelashes, and a beauty supply storeowner complained that a customer regularly shoplifts a specific false eyelashes product.
False eyelashes have long been an anchor seller in the beauty supply industry, and there are solid grounds for it.

Not seasonal False eyelashes sell steadily throughout the year. For example, hair products sell well in the tax season, and nail products in the summer. On the other hand, false eyelashes continuously sell well.


Highly consumable Although it varies by individual, false eyelashes usually last two to three days and at most a week. Of course, there are reports of remarkable individuals who reused a pair of false eyelashes for a month, most consumers wear them for a few days and dispose them. This fast turnover leads to repeat purchases.


Broader demographic of consumers Regardless of race, a large number of people wear false eyelashes, and over 90% of them wear the same color, black. It is widely believed that Asian and White Americans prefer natural designs and African Americans glamour and dramatic. However, the distinction in style is vague, and preferred styles tend to be personal choices.

Positive impact on the growth of glue market In the beginning, hair glues were used to fix false eyelashes, but various glues specially made for eyelashes are available nowadays. The glue market welcomed various new products such as glues for specific purpose (e.g. glues for strip lashes and glues for individual lashes), 2-in-1 glues that are also eyeliners, and so on.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the sales of makeup products decreased by more than 40% industry-wide whereas false eyelashes’ are increasing. As eyes became the focal point of facial makeup, the overall eye makeup products have seen 6% growth in 2020. Per product group, the sales of false eyelashes grew 14%, mascaras 8%, and eyeliners 7%. You can say false eyelashes provided some relief for the retailers experiencing economic downturn caused by the Covid-19.


Types of false eyelashes

The competition is fierce for the false eyelashes that are now established as an anchor seller at beauty supply. From various companies, products with newer design and features are coming out. Here are the pros and cons of the most common types of false eyelashes.


PART 2. Understanding the false eyelashes trend

Individual preference plays a critical role in choosing false eyelashes as they are worn daily. Some prefer to wear individual lashes despite the time-consuming application process while others wear magnetic rather than glue despite carrying extra weight. Many women desire false eyelashes that look like their own, but there are plenty of consumers who prefer dramatic lashes that extend up to 25mm. Brand loyalty is also quite common in the eyelashes market.

In a broader perspective, however, you notice a few of major trends.

Mainstream 3D layer false eyelashes The arrival of 3D (multi) layer in the end of 2017 permanently changed the market. Over the year of 2019 and going forward, the false eyelashes market has moved on from flat, regular lashes to 3D lashes. Lately, 5D lashes are popping up in the market.

Growth of magnetic false eyelashes For many years, magnetic false eyelashes were a niche product category, but a newer magnetic product that uses eyeliners made a boom in the last few years. While not for everyone, the ease of application still attracts many consumers.

Expansion of mink lashes market From being an expensive product reserved for celebrities, mink lashes evolved into a popular consumer choice by the introduction of mink lashes to the beauty supply in 2019 that led to the release of affordable mink lashes. Still pricy compared to synthetic, but mink lashes market has grown significantly.

Max-length (25mm) lashes Covid-19 induced mask wearing has caused makeup trends focusing on the eyes, and the popularity of 25 mm length lashes is skyrocketing.

Simply put, you don’t see a celeb on the red carpet not wearing false eyelashes. See the false eyelashes trend yourself on the pictures below.

Popular false eyelashes products by brand (in alphabetical order)

Absolute New York’s

Cashmere Lashes Features an extra thin, flat band thanks to the lashes incorporated into the band. Each lash splits into two strands, looking natural and creating layers for extra volume.


Queen Lashes Multiple J-curl modules are stacked to create a dramatic and voluminous style. Durable and lasting look with real mink, and lighter than other products in same size. Available in 20mm and 25mm.


Wavy Lashes Wavy texture boosts volume and reduces weight. These handcrafted, high-quality false eyelashes are made of nano silk, creating soft, lightweight, and natural-looking lashes.


Magnetic Lashes The lashes stick to the line you draw with a magnetic eyeliner when you bring them close to it. You can create various styles, and they last for a long time. Certified for product safety.



Faux Mink Soft and thin high-quality mink fibers were manually processed to create a product with which you can effectively create a voluminous look without causing stress to the eyelids. Knotless Invisiband provides a natural look as well as comfort.


Double Up False Eyelashes Human hair in thick, multiple stacks creates a layering effect. Features extra length and eye-catching volume.


Professional Naked Lashes Choose this product to create a glamorous look without makeup. Criss-cross design lashes with relatively short length for comfort and a natural look.


Individuals Knot Free Duralash A great option to experiment various styles with 56 clusters. Mid-length lashes can highlight your natural eyelashes or fill the gaps.


Ebin New York’s

Wild Cat Boasting glamorous and voluminous 3D layered volume, it appeals to the various consumer groups with mainstream styles.


Majestic Cat XL lashes with 3x volume and 3x length. With 25mm length and great volume, it creates a dramatic look.  Lightweight product that ensures comfort.


Wonder Cat Faux mink lashes. With uniquely matte and velvety texture, it blends in with your natural eyelashes and creates a bold and glamorous look. Available also in XL (25mm).


Mink Cat 3D lashes made of real mink fiber. Available in 40 different styles to offer a great range of options for consumers. Reusable about 30 times.

KISS’s i-Envy

i-Envy Luxury Mink From Classic Wispy to Hot 25mm, most trendy 12 styles are available. With premium mink hair and 3D multi-curl angles, it maximizes fluffiness.


i-Envy Salon Extension With invisible band and high-quality fiber, this strip lash looks as if you had extension at a salon. Available in natural-looking J-curl, accommodating C-curl, and dramatic L-curl.


i-Envy Remy 3D Made of Remy human hair, it’s soft and comfortable. Soft and transparent band strip lash comes in various angles to create a natural look.


i-Envy Matte 3D Matte black lusciousness effect creates natural fluffy lashes. With multi-angle layers and a clear band, it creates a glamorous and flawless look.

Laflare’ s

3D NY Mink Made of a lightweight real mink to mimic the characteristics of your natural eyelashes. You can create various trendy looks with 30 different styles.


3D NY Mink Max Volume Maximum volume style that adds outstanding volume for a dramatic and glamorous look to NY Mink’s quality. Available in 20-25mm lengths and 12 styles.


3D Faux Mink A line of products that emphasize the natural look closely resembling your natural eyelashes with hand-knitted premium silk fiber which maximizes its soft and light texture.


3D Cashmere These affordable lashes bring light and soft cashmere-texture resembling natural eyelashes in 60 different styles including Fresh, Glam, Wispy, and Hot.


Small tips for display and sales of false eyelashes

Place false eyelashes at the front or close to the cash register

As so-called impulsive purchase items, such as gums and candies, are placed at the cash registers of grocery stores, you can benefit from having false eyelashes near the entrance or cashiers. Even if customers shop with a different item in mind, they might buy one or two false eyelashes for a little extra cost. Also, false eyelashes packages are relatively small, making them an easy target for shoplifting. Choosing a location near the cash register can reduce the theft.

Carry an eye-catching quirky item

For various events in the yearend and the New Year, some customers want to try an atypical look with false eyelashes, especially, under the current circumstance of requiring a mask. To lighten up the mood of the entire store, you can create a focal point at the false eyelashes display.

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