Understand Your Hair Styling Tools for Best Results

Understand Your Hair Styling Tools for Best Results

Hairstyling tools such as flat iron, hairdryer take up a large portion of the display at beauty supply stores. However, not many truly understand the proper direction on how to use the tools. Complicated terminologies and influx of new products every season make it even more difficult for retailers to learn and keep up with differences between current products in the market. This article breaks down and explains the functions of most commonly used hair styling tools, hairdryer, curling iron, and flat iron.

Hair Dryer

What is Diffuser?
While hairdryer’s main function is to dry wet hair, it is used more often for other styling reasons. A diffuser becomes handy when styling the hair. It can be purchased separately then attached to the device or some dryers come with the diffuser included. It is best when used on the wet hair to effectively dry and add finishing touch to the style.

How to Properly Use a Diffuser
For those with thin and straight hair, it is recommended to use the dryer with a cool setting. Diffusers with a round-shaped comb is more preferred, which is used to straighten the hair curls. Longer tooth comb is ideal for longer length hair while shorter hair should use a diffuser with smaller teeth. Avoid brushing the hair after adding curl or volume to the hair to keep the shape last longer.


Curling Iron

Most common types of Curling Iron

1. Wand Curling Iron
Wand barrel is twisted by hand to create natural waves and beach curls.

Detailed instruction video on how to use a wand curling iron

2. Gold Barrel Curling Iron
24K Gold coated barrel uniformly delivers heat and help straighten frizzy and curly hair

3. Three Barrel Curling Iron
3 Barrel Curling Iron is also known as the “Triple Barrel Waver” or “Triple Barrel Curling Iron”. It’s used to create natural and feminine style waves and the ceramic barrel help reduce the heat damage done on the hair.

Tutorial video on how to create beach wave and vintage hairstyles with a barrel curling iron


How to use Curling Iron the right way
The purpose of using a curling iron is to add subtle waves or curl to straight hair. A curling iron can be categorized by the shape, material, thickness of the barrel and the handle type. A smaller barrel is used for tighter curls while larger ones are for curvy
Customers are advised to use curling iron at low temperature setting multiple times in attempts to avoid hair damage from heat. Going over the same part hair with a curling iron can overly dry hair. Set the iron at a temperature high enough to finish the styling with one touch. Curling iron on wet hair can lead to hair breakage, so make sure to completely dry the hair before using it.
The sizzling sound when the iron comes in contact with the hair is a warning sign. This often makes the hair even drier and cause split ends. Heat protectants must be applied to the hair to help retain moisture and to avoid damage on the cuticle prior to using the curling iron. Support the curl by hand for 5 to 8 seconds after releasing the hair to help set the curl.


Flat Iron

Plate Types, how are they different?
•  Ceramic Plate: Recommended for those with thinner, fine hair
•  Titanium Plate: Has the highest temperature option available, which makes it suitable for thicker or curlier hair types. It is also less likely to become tarnished.
•  Mini Plate: Smaller sized device makes it ideal for travel or used to add curl to very short hair.

How to properly use flat iron

Tutorial YouTube video on curling hair with a flat iron

A flat iron is used not only to straighten but also to curl the hair. As mentioned in curling iron instruction, it should not be used on wet hair. Heat protectants should be sprayed to protect the hair from heat. Section the hair before start styling it to make sure all parts of the head is covered. Professionals recommend dividing into three sections. Heat can melt the hair or dust gets attached to the surface of the plate. Plates should be wiped when they cool down so the particles don’t rub off to the hair. Sizzling sound often indicates that too much styling gel or spray is used, so apply only instructed amount to the hair and save the rest after finishing the iron. Flat iron opens up options to a wide variety of curl types.

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