Trendy Braiding Styles for the…

Trendy Braiding Styles for the Upcoming Fall!


Braiding is also known to be a protective measure for the scalp and hair. With various braiding hairstyles and techniques, each style represents individuality.. Get to know the world of braids that is unique to Black women.

Basic Cornrow Style
A basic cornrow style accentuated with pink braid extensions.
Do not ignore what a basic cornrow style can achieve! A basic cornrow can be changed in an instant to become trendy and modern. This style is suitable for both men and women that gives the hair a break from relaxers and chemicals. It is easy to maintain and great for all seasons.

Modern and Casual Look, Bob Braid
Easier to maintain than long braided hairstyles, the braiding bob style is more refined and stylish.
One of the newest braiding hairstyles is the bob style. Braided hair usually uses shoulder-length hair but the bob hair length can actually create styles that are more feminine and sophisticated. There are a variety of styles that can be achieved to suit any outfit or occasion.

How about wearing loose braids? Twist Out Updo
Bouncy and beautiful curls made from loosened braids that have been pulled up into a natural updo.
“Twist out” is literally twisted hair that has been pulled out into loosened hair. It is also called an updo because the style mirrors a pineapple. After tightly braiding the entire head, the braid at the top is loosened into natural locks. A hairband can create a more personal look and makes the entire style more youthful.

Feminine Twist

Pastel yarn braid used to create a unique twist braid style.
Braid or twist, that is the question! The biggest difference between braiding and twisting is how many strands you want to include in the hairstyle. The twist hairstyle resembles a rope and the braid hairstyle is the traditional, tightly woven three stands. From a casual look to a party look, the twist braids are a great way to flaunt your feminine and beautiful look!

Clean and Edgy, Chignon Braids
The bun (chignon) is the special touch within the complete braid look.
Chignon can be easily described as a bun that is at the nape of the neck or at the back of the head. There are many variations but the braiding technique uses twists to create the look. Nowadays, the flat-twist method is also used to create more volume and a classic look.

What is a flat-twist?
***Flat twist is a technique that uses two strands that are twisted as close as possible to the scalp. This can be transformed into a variety of styles and comes in handy for creating unique looks.

What is a Flat twist out?
A flat twist out is exactly what the name suggests. Flat braids that have been pulled out to create a twist out, natural curly look.

Halo Braid for a modern touch
It is called the halo braid because the braid circles the head in a tube-like style, similar to a halo.
It is easy to understand what this look is if you imagine a halo on an angel. The famous singer Beyonce has a song called “Halo.” The halo braid has been spreading rapidly throughout social media with lots of advice on how to do the halo look yourself without going to a beauty parlor. This look is economical as well as effective in reducing scalp irritation.

Braided Updo for Active Women
Braided updo with colorful threads.
If you have gotten tired of long braided hair, try different braided updos or ponytails for a new image. By using colorful extensions or accessories, you can achieve a fashionable look in an instant. Apply edge control products to perfect the edges. Instead of a box braid, try cornrows to create a variation of different looks.

Voluminous Havana Twist

The havana twist is well known for its rough yet voluminous texture.
The biggest difference between a traditional braid and the havana twist is that the normal braid uses three strands and the havana twist uses two strands to create twists. The point of this hairstyle it to make twists that are thick and rough textured. The havana twist can be considered one of the best hairstyles to express the beauty and uniqueness of African American women. It is important to maintain this look so the twists do not come loose.

Long-Length Senegalese Twist
Three different colors of blonde extensions mixed to create a trendy senegalese twist.
The senegalese twist is sometimes referred to as the rope twist because of its resemblance to a rope. Two strands starting at the root are braided in a twist motion to the ends of the hair. Normally, Kanekalon or yaki braiding extensions are used and the senegal braid is often used for longer hair lengths rather than short hair styles.

Feminine Shoulder Length Faux Locs
The Faux loc look is popular amongst young people nowadays. Express your personality with different colors.
Once considered to be exclusive to men, the faux loc has been launched to make it easier for women to style their hair. In particular, the shoulder-length faux loc extensions attach directly to the head and makes it easy to twist and look natural.

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