Trends Reining This Summer are The Braid Hair Styles!

Trends Reining This Summer are The Braid Hair Styles!

The sun’s scorching rays are inescapable, but you might as well enjoy it! Braided hairstyles are so cool that even others feel refreshed just by looking at it. Braids are never out of style all year long, but it shows its worth especially in the summer. Braided hair is economical because it saves time and money for styling and gives your scalp a rest from those chemicals because it is relatively easier to manage. Let’s take a look at some of the most soon-to-be trending braid styles this summer!


Basic of basics, Box Braids
It’s no exaggeration to say box braid is the most common braided hairstyle among black women. It is a technique that does not start from the cornrow but adds hair to the scalp by braiding with three strands. A hairstyle that is popular amongst celebrities. You can express your own individuality in various lengths and colors.


Twist! Twist Braids
Unlike box braids, the twist is a hairstyle made by twisting hair like a rope with two strands of hair, not three. It can be made into various styles such as ponytail, bun, or chignon. A casual and youthful braiding hairstyle that lets you spend your summer cool and refreshed.


This Summer’s ‘On Point’, Braided Bun
If long hair feels cumbersome in the summer, how about a braided bun style? At swimming pools or beaches, this style does justice. Nail this style with neatly cleaned edges.


Feminine Mood, Double Dutch Braids
Double Dutch Braids, which are popular on Instagram etc. these days, is a way to braid the hair so that the braided hair looks outward, unlike the French braid. It is often seen in photos of young women who enjoy exercising while wearing cool sportswear at the fitness center.

Mix and Match, Cornrow & Box Braids Combo
The scalp was neatly styled with Cornrow style, and then connected with a box braid. As shown in the picture above, color, decoration, and accessories can be modified. Since the scalp part is a simple cornrow style, it is easy to maintain and has less pulling, so you can maintain a healthy scalp.


So Exotic, Albaso Braids
As a traditionally descended hairstyle in East Africa, the Albaso Braid, which has an exotic atmosphere, is a braiding technique that that alternates the technique of brazing in a thick, slightly raised shape and braiding in a thin and small way. It is known as a hairstyle that was mainly used for weddings.


Young and Casual, Dreadlocks
The dreadlock style, which was considered to be the exclusive possession of reggae musicians such as Bob Marley, has become a style loved by women over time. Although it takes a long time to produce the original Dreadlock Braiding style, you can easily create a Dreadlock style by using a commercially available product.


Bohemian Look, Boho Braids
The boho braid has the same braiding method as the existing box braid, but the difference is that it leaves the last 3-5 inches of the braid in an unbraided state, giving it a naturally unraveling feel. If you style it with hair jewelry, beads, etc. that give off Bohemian mood, you can be a fashionista this summer!


Do it Long ‘Cause it’s Summer, Long Braid
The long-braided hair covering the hips like Rapunzel from the fairy tale seems to be steadily popular this summer. Long hair braiding that emphasizes femininity to the fullest fits both in cool summer dresses and casual jeans.


Trendy Triangle Box Braids
This style is braided with the same technique as the box braid, but by changing the shape of the scalp, the triangle braid is more youthful and casual! This braid, which looks like a star at first glance, can be completed in a trendier style with a half up-half down hairstyle.


Dearly Loved Senegalese
Twists Senegal braid is also called Rope Twist because it looks like a rope. It is a hair style that is loved so much that it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the most preferred hairstyle for black women. The finished style expresses a smooth and shiny texture rather than a rough texture, highlighting a neat and feminine image. It can be modified in various styles, such as up-do style. It’s going to be a hit this summer, too!


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