Trending Braid Hairstyles in Summer and Best Braid Gels

Trending Braid Hairstyles in Summer and Best Braid Gels

In summer when they want to have fun outdoors and enjoy the sun, they go for braid hairstyles. In recent years, afro braids have gained immense popularity worldwide when A-lister celebrities like Rihanna, Zendaya, Beyonce, and Marsai Martin made braid hairstyles at the biggest events and on their on-screen appearances.

Top 5 Trending Braid Hairstyles in Summer


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At ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Rihanna’s appearance added glitz and glamor to the game, and the internet called her the most stylish cricket fan because of her style with auburn cornrow braids. This classical straight backward cornrow suits round, square, and inverted triangle face shapes. Also, this rich auburn hair is great for medium neutral skin tone.

Knotless Box Braids


In 2021, when Zendaya became the youngest-ever CFDA Fashion Icon Award recipient, the world got eyes on her style where she flaunted long knotless box braids. The brown color of it is universally flattering and means it is best for all skin tones, and the middle parting style in it suits oblong, square, and heart-shaped face shapes.

Braided Bob


Marsai Martin, the Guinness World Record holder for being the youngest Hollywood executive producer, always catches the people’s gaze because of her fashion. One of the most famous looks is the box braided bob at Lexus Uptown Honors Hollywood in 2020. This trending summer hairstyle is for everyone who wants to make their face appear slimmer but is not suitable for long face shapes. It is super easy to manage.


Braided Updo


Who does not know the singer Beyonce? She makes fashion statements. That’s why the media always have an eye on her style. Her one style is extremely famous when she was out shopping holding her baby with a braided updo. This braided updo is famous for its long and slim face shapes.


Braided Bantu Knots


Kiki Layne is famous for her amazing red carpet looks. One of her inspirational looks is braided Bantu knots from the 2019 Film Independent Spirit Awards. This great summer protective hairstyle suits every afro woman.


There should be something that makes your braids neat, fresh, and frizz-free and makes them flatter your clients’ appearance. And the braid gel is best to serve this purpose. There are three things one faces when braiding the hair: flyaways, frizz, split ends. It coats the hair to tame frizz and conceal split ends and flyaways.Other than bringing neatness to braids, braiding gels offer various hair health benefits. It makes the hairstyle last longer, and helps you quickly refresh the style.

How To Use Any Gel for Braiding Style?

Scoop a generous amount of gel and apply it to the base hair before you start braiding. When the base is saturated with gel, comb it through the strand. Start braiding, and when you feel there is more need for gel, apply more. Spritz water, apply a leave-in conditioner on the whole head, and use gel in less amounts where required, and you are good to go.

Best Braid Gels

A braiding gel is best if it causes no build-up, prevents flaky scalp, is not sticky, keeps hair moisturized, and contributes to hair health.

“Stay Laid” Braid Gel (16oz) – Extra Hold

Nouvelle Nouveau’s “Stay Laid” braid gel is best for protective styles. It is free of alcohol and does not leave flakes. It is a multipurpose gel and best to use on locs, twists, and edges other than braids. “Stay Laid” has a pleasant orange smell. Among consumers, it is famous for moisturization, non-flakiness, firm hold, non-greasy, hydrating hair, and strengthening hair strains.


Shine ‘n Jam Conditioning Gel | Extra Hold

“Shine ‘n Jam” is best for chemically-treated hair and color-treated afro hair. It is alcohol-free and has a clean scent. “Shine ‘n Jam” does not contain harmful ingredients like paraben, wax, petroleum, and silicones. Its consumers loved it because it offers a moisturizing but firm and non-greasy hold and is a non-flaking gel.


Shine ‘n Jam Magic Fingers™ Edge Magic

“Magic Fingers” is renowned for its extreme hold on all afro hair textures. It helps to lay down the edges-hair straight with a non-greasy base and make them ready to transform into any shape It has a refreshing smell, contains no harmful ingredients, and is a water-based product that helps keep hair hydrated.Women love “Magic Fingers” because silk protein in it prevents any damage to hairline hair and strengthens hair with continuous use.


Nappy Styles Braids Super Xtra Hold Braiding Gel

“Nappy Styles” braiding gel is excellent for providing super extra hold without flaking and frizzing and is useful for various hairstyles like braids, twists, and locs. You can also use it as edge gel. It aids the stylists in creating quick and clean partitions and getting a grip to create long braids. “Nappy Styles” braiding gel smells like thick healthy creams, and clients like it because it does not leave a stubborn residue on hair or scalp. 


Peruvian White Braid, Loc & Edge Gel

This Peruvian White provides extra hold to afro hair and is known for providing various hair health benefits. It deeply moisturizes the hair, and the apple cider vinegar in it minimizes the hair breakage. It smells healthy with a touch of apple scent. Women are choosing “Peruvian White” gel because it provides fuller edges and a healthier braids effect.


Loc N Twist Braid Edge Gel

“LOC N” gel is getting famous for having no alcohol, and no beeswax, so it does not cause flaking. It provides long-lasting and strong hold. It controls frizz without any greasiness without flakes. LOC N” contains a fresh smell. Stylists find it useful in styling locs, twists, braids, weaves, and edges.

Summer heat leads to dry afro hair and makes the straightened hair puffy in minutes. Therefore, braids are best for summer to avoid these problems and keep hair off the neck and stay cool. All of these reasons make braids the highest demanding hairstyles in salons during summer. But the challenge stylists, salon owners, and clients face are making the braids hairstyle last longer and fresh. And this can only be achieved if they use high-quality braiding gels, and we have recommended the amazing ones. So, why wait, suppliers? Stock up your beauty stores with those products so you can increase sales, get a high number of returning clients and attract more.


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