Total Summary of Beauty Brands

Total Summary of Beauty Brands

Countless brands of countless companies on display in beauty supply stores. They are confusing, difficult to distinguish, and even harder to remember. When customers come and find a specific brand, many beauty supply workers become confused about which company product they are from and can’t answer. Or sometimes, even after receiving an invoice, you may think that you have never ordered from the company. This is because unlike the brand name, the actual company name is not familiar. You are welcome to cut out the page that summarizes companies and its brands and put it on a well-visible counter. If you can answer immediately when a customer asks you, it will help you in business. In Part I, unusual or confusing brand names and interesting brand stories are listed, and in Part II, beauty brands are summarized and listed up.

Words Commonly Used in Brand Names

Tress means women’s pigtails or braid, mainly used in brand names of braid-related brands.

  • nala Tress by Jenet Collection
  • lulutress by Sensationnel
  • Freetress by Shake-N-Go
  • my tresses by Outre (human hair wig)
  • Motown Tress by Oradell (company’s representative brand)

It is a short expression of Africa, the ancestor’s land of African Americans, and is mainly used as a brand name for Braid products.

  • Sensual’s braid product Afro Sens
  • Golden State’s braid product RastAfri
  • Mane Concept’s braid product Afri Naptural

Originally, it refers to the hair of a virgin woman dedicated to a Hindu temple in India. In the hair industry, this term is widely used in brands that sells high-quality authentic human hair that have not been chemically processed and have live, healthy cuticles.

  • INDIREMI by Bobbi Boss
  • Remy Illusion by Janet Collection
  • Remi Gold & i-Remi by Sensual
  • Highness Remi by Beauty Elements
  • Persian Virgin Remy by Motown Tress
  • Perubian Remi by Beshe
  • It’s a Wig! by Salon Remi

Melt, in context, means to ‘sink in.’ In recent years, WIG products with skin tone HD lace have become popular, so the number of brand names including the meaning that high-quality HD lace “sinks perfectly” in the skin is increasing.

  • Melt by Janet Collection
  • Melted Hairline by Outre
  • Butta Lace by Sensationnel (The word “butter” that melts in the bread is written as “butta” as it is pronounced)


Brand Names after People
  • Janet Collection: Celebrity Black Diva Janet Jackson
  • R&B Wig’s brand RJ Park: the name of the founder of the company
  • Amekorbrand’s representative brand Vivica A Fox: Famous black actress Vivika A. Fox

Janet Jackson(@facebook)

Vivika A Fox (msvfox@instagram)


Confusing spelling
  • Sensationnel: In French, it means special or sensational. It is often misunderstood that it is the English word sensational written incorrectly.
  • Mane Concept: Mane refers to the mane of a lion or horse, or the long, thick hair of a person. It is often mistaken as ’main concept’.


Company Names where Initials are Commonly Used
  • UBP: Universal Beauty Product
  • SNG: Shake-N-Go
  • GSI: Golden State Imports


Brand Names with Confusing Pronunciation
  • Sun Taiyang’s flagship brand Outre: Outre is inspired by the French ‘en outre’ which means ‘in addition’ in French. They are quite aptly named since they are a hair company which provides hair additions. Outre is pronounced Oo-teu-reu in the proper French but for customers they found that Oo-teu-reh was easier to say.
  • Bijoux, the representative brand of Beauty Elements: In French, it means beautiful craft work like jewelry and gems, and is often pronounced as Bee-jux or Bee-jox, but ‘Bee-jyoo ‘ is the correct pronunciation.
  • Zury, the representative brand of Royal Imex: Sometimes it is pronounced as Zuh-ree or JJuh-ree, but the correct pronunciation is Zoo-ree/JJoo-ree.


Other Brand Names with Interesting Meanings
  • Sun Taiyang: It named it after the sun, which gives light and life to all living on Earth unconditionally, and the Korean version of sun, Taiyang, to express the pride of the founder who inherited Korean heritage when establishing the brand
  • I&I Hair: A word combining Innovation and Inspiration. The name of the I&I company expresses innovation to develop and create innovative products, and their commitment to inspire everyone
  • Nu Locs, INDIREMI by Bobbi Boss
    :- Nu is short for the Latin word, “novus” with that means new
    – INDIREMI is Bobbi Boss’s landmark brand, and the foreword Indi is derived from individuality, which represents the independent and active new generation of women
  • Encore La Vie by Janet Collection: In French, it literally means “Call for an Encore to the life!” Products that have blended human hair fall into this brand. It is a blended product but it follows the concept of being cost-effective and consumer-satisfying by making ‘life still beautiful’
  • CATTiTUDE by Ebin NY: The brand name of Ebin NY’s eyelash products, a word combination of ‘Cat Eye + Attitude’, meaning to create chic and attractive eyes like a cat with CATTiTUDE eyelashes
  • E by FSG Laboratories: Representative brand of FSG Laboratories, a company specializing in CBD products. It is the initials of ‘Hemp Allows Ease’ and represents how Hemp eases the mind and is beneficial to health
  • BOO BOO by Sky Trading: In Korea, the pronunciation of the word meaning ‘married couple’ is “Boo boo”, and it represents how they put closure and bundle so well together like a married couple
  • SSL by Golden State: Initials of ‘Simple Silky Lace.’ A product made of soft, shiny silk lace to create a natural scalp look


Episodes on Brand Names
  • Model Model: In the early days of the company’s founding, there were frequent calls to ask if it was a model company.
  • The old name of Mane Concept, ISIS: The name of the company was changed to Mane Concept because it reminded people of the terror organization IS.




Total Summary of Beauty Companies and Their Brands



Cover Story BY Samuel Beom