Timeless Style Choice for Summer: Braids

Timeless Style Choice for Summer: Braids

The summer vacation is right in front of the door, and the loosened restrictions on Covid-19 coincides with the increased demand for travel. Hotel rooms are booked up in many Summer favorite beaches, and various concerts and other performance events are resuming after a long hiatus. Braids will not stick to your face even after sweating under the scorching sun and stay clean and neat, so it is obvious that every summer you see a lot of braided hairdos. This year, it is again forecasted that unique styles of braided hair will grab people’s attention in many vacation destinations. Braided hairstyles are loved for being less time-consuming and easy to maintain. What hairstyles and products will be there to make African American females show off their beauty this year?


Beauty plus(Janet collection)’s Nalatress failytales

Janet Collection’s Nalatress failytales line Jungle Box Braid 30″ offers box braids with butterfly wings. It is 100% handmade with 30″ length hair that is of popular demand today. Unsurprisingly, it is trending on Instagram and other social media. Comes pre-stretched, and has sleek finish.

Gypsy Butterfly Locs are reborn after an update with a more natural looking curl based on the 2021’s hit product Butterfly Locs. You can feel more volume than previous products and will create more voluminous styles. Despite the high labor cost, the price is the same as previous butterfly locs. It brings superb value for the money.



Chade’s Volume-X Premium 100% Kanekalon Yaki Pre-Stretched Braid

Chade released a new product that reduced the common drawbacks of braided hair, the weight, by enabling maximum volume styles with a smaller amount of hair through special design. You can create a voluminous style without the extra weight.

Other noticeable new releases include Alitress Afro Kinky Twist Braid that is great for various twist styles because it is easy to separate but resistant to getting loose. Also worth mention is Alitress Butterfly Box Braid that is great for Spring/Summer season thanks to butterfly styles incorporated into box braids.


Golden state’s RastAfri mood braid

Changing colors promptly upon sun exposure, so dubbed “mood braid“, these color shifting braids attract customers with instant change of hair colors, which will return to the original color under the natural light. Can be styled with warm water, making it easy to restyle.



Outre’s Borabora locs

Available in Springy Afro Twist and Waterwave Fro Twist, you can do various hairdos such as locs, twists, and braids. Especially popular among customers aged from 10s to 30s, the locs, even for the extra-long 40″, come in a single strand loc without the seam in the middle, bringing cleaner looks. You can use them as a base for the butterfly style, and they are also great for mix-and-match with Springy Afro Twist.

Springy Afro Twist is available in 12″, 16″, 24″, and newly added 30″ length, and the release of kids’ linegarnered positive feedback from the market. Outre products are made of premium 100% Kanekalon fiber, upon which the natural and lightweight look is added.


Sensationnel’s RUWA®

Ruwa® repels water and moisture. Made of Aquatex® fiber that lets the air penetrate while repelling the water and moisture, this line of products provides long lasting lightweight comfort. It reduces the time required for drying, so you can shampoo regularly. It is a perfect braid for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. Due to the lightweight fabric and soft touch, they are perfect for braid locs and will feel lightweight.


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