Time Calls for Headband Wigs

Time Calls for Headband Wigs

Would it be a relief for the hair market struggling with the pandemic and supply chain crisis? The interest in headband wigs is out of the ordinary. Along with various new releases, the social media is crowded with headband wig styling tips by beauty influencers. We take on the reasons behind the interest in headband wigs and further analyze the trend.


PART 1. Trend and prospects for headband wigs

Why are they so popular now?

1. Fashion repeats

As shown in the Newtro culture of recent, fashion recycles and often comes back. In fact, the frequency of repetition has increased lately. Many experts in the industry agree that headband wigs’ return was long overdue. Literally, fashion repeats, but braids and lace wigs have stayed remarkably long for the past years. The boom of headbands was 15 years ago, so it might be considered a late return.


2. Pandemic’s beneficiary

We can’t deny that the pandemic rendered a big help. During the Covid-19 related restrictions, people started looking for DIY styles instead of making trips for a salon procedure. The prevalence of remote work and online classes helped significantly as well. In contrast to the long-lasting lace glues that attach a wig or hairpiece, a headband wig can be worn with a casual dress and ready in a second when you need to sit down before the computer.


3. Pandemic-related crisis affected lace’s supply

Headband wigs did not become a trend overnight after the outbreak of Covid-19. In fact, you notice the popularity of headband wigs increased gradually since the pandemic and made a big wave later in 2021 according to Google Trend.

The interest in headband wigs over the past two years – Google Trend

Especially, the interest peaked when the global supply chain crisis and the logistics delay coincided. The increase in cost of raw materials and manufacturing delays resulted in supply shortage of laces, and many manufacturers started to develop and promote products not requiring laces. At the same time, headband wigs got popular. The hole made by shortage of lace wigs was quickly filled with headband wigs.


4. Competitive price

Compared to full-size wigs, headband wigs require a smaller amount of hair. Obviously, the area covered by a band requires no hair. Hence, for the same human hair products, headband wigs are considerably low-priced. For consumers, it is not only more affordable but also easier to wear because it does not require much of a handwork, killing two birds with a stone. When you take account of the price increase due to the supply strain, the headband’s affordability becomes a big advantage to sway consumers.


5. Simple manufacturing process

For manufacturers, simplicity of manufacturing is an advantage. For full-size handmade wigs, you need to wait for six to eight months after placing an order to receive the delicately processed item. African American beauty market experience trend shifts even more frequently than other fashion items, so the longer production lead-time means the trend is hard to catch. On the other hand, the headband wigs can be stitched with sewing machines, making it easier and quicker to produce. In terms of turnaround time, it is an ideal product.


6. Easy styling

Compared to full-size wigs, they are not only cheaper and more convenient but also suitable for various styles on demand. Because they wrap around the entire hair, they can accommodate ponytail and bun styles. If you add accessories such as colorful hair bands or scarves on top of the headband, you can freely create unique styles. Most headband wig buyers tend to purchase a couple of hair bands and scarves to match with the headband wig at the same time. As such, a kit that contains a headband wig and various styles of companion hair bands is available on the market.

In totality, headband wigs checks all the boxes that the current situation calls for. Hence, it goes “the time calls for headband wigs.”

In consumers’ perspective, the change might be tough at first. Would you stick to the lace wigs that had been on the throne in the hair market? Or you would hop on the head-band wagon although the future is somewhat unpredictable. We prepared pros and cons for your consideration.

You can easily find “headband wigs vs lace wigs” video clips on the social media where they try them on in comparison.

What the future holds for headband wigs?

Now, retail business owners have headaches. Do I want to have more headband wig displays for this winter? How long will this trend last?

According to a market research, headband wig sales numbers largely vary by store. Some stores are selling them out, and others couldn’t sell much. For some others, it sells steadily without the drama. They largely vary by region as well. If you look at the Google Trend chart, you can see the Southwest is where the interest in headband wigs is high. However, other regions show significant interest as well.

Interest in headband wigs by region – Google Trend

So, we asked hair industry experts. What do they think of the current headband wig trend?

Some predicted that they will not last beyond 2021, and many voiced that the supply strain on lace is critical of the trend’s survival. If the strain on lace supply is relieved, consumers might turn around and start buying higher-end lace wigs. Unfortunately, the consensus is that the supply strain will stay through the next year. Therefore, the popularity of headband wigs may last for a while at least.

Others predicted that headband wigs would become a category, although small, regardless of the supply of lace wigs. Although they came out as a substitute, the convenience of the hair band and wig in one as well as the competitive price will not disappear, meaning the demand will persist. In support, the headband wigs had been evolving into various styles and setting its own boundary in the hair market.



PART 2. Trend analysis for headband wigs

1. Basics of headband wigs

Headband wigs have a band made of elastic fabric, usually spandex in black color, instead of a lace. In the past, a thicker band covered the entire head, but most headband wigs in today’s market are size-adjustable with Velcro on the back of the band. The cap tends to be shallower than full-size wigs’, so a headband wig typically has two to three combs inside for a secure fit.

How to wear a headband wig If you look up “how to wear headband wigs?” on YouTube, you will find plenty of helpful videos. As it lacks lace, you do not need to apply glue for the wig or hairpieces, making it fairly easy for even beginners. Let’s take an influencer Arnellarmon’s video as an example. The video has 1.17 million views.


How to wear a headband wig for different facial types


Oval shape: do not push back the headband. You want it stay on top of your hairline for a secure and natural look.
Long shape: choose curl or wave styles. If you are wearing a wig with a bang, make sure it has a wider band for a natural look.
Round shape: you can make your face slimmer by wearing headband wigs with hair length longer than 20 inches.


2. Evolution of headband wigs

Updated Velcro Velcro is essential for bands but often sticks to hair or even pulls hair out. To address these issues, newer Velcro products are making to the market. Adjustable Velcro assures a secure fit for all sizes of heads.

Antibacterial cap In the pandemic, consumers are even more concerned about hygiene. Many products have antibacterial bands and caps. Including a mesh cap, breathable and comfortable caps are highly preferred by the consumers.

Thinner band material Bands are becoming thinner and lighter. When you have a thicker band, your options for accessories and extra hair bands are somewhat limited. Hence, a thinner and stretchable material is highly recommended.  “Cool” bands are popular as well, they are made of moisture-wicking fabric for fast drying.



More and more headband wigs have human hair In the past, most headband wigs had synthetic hair, but they are increasingly made of human hair for premium appeal. Human hair headband wigs are bleachable and perm-able, and the popular Wet & Wavy types are coming out on the market.


Diverse styles Departing from improvement from a thick-banded straight wig of old days, headband wigs come in various curls and waves with all sorts of length. Newer styles keep coming.


Trendy colors Especially for synthetic hair, you will find trendy colors that you can’t find in human hair. For hot weather, many look for vibrant colors, and for upcoming cold season, toned-down colors.

Editor’s Pick

Just by looking at the all sorts of headband wigs from various hair companies, you can see how popular headband wigs are today. Here is a list of products picked with varying features in mind. Do not forget to check out styling tips for each. (Appearing in alphabetical order)


Awesome Wet & Wavy Loose Deep HH-Band Wig: A wet & wavy product that creates a natural wave or curl when you apply moisture. Available in two lengths, 16″ and 22″, its band is made of a soft and elastic material.


Bobbi Boss(Midway) Synthetic Hair Headband Wig Serena: A high-quality synthetic wig in 24″ 2C wave is available in seven colors including a brown-burgundy ombre color. A breathable cap is suitable even for highly demanding activities.


Model Model Headband Full Cap: Available in various styles with 26″ long hair, you can style it in half-ponytail, ponytail, and buns with ease. Mesh caps provide a secure fit for all shapes of heads, and the high quality elastic band is extra durable.


Motown Tress(Oradell) Presian Virgin Remy Headband Wi: Available in the three classic styles, antibacterial caps bring extra comfort to the wearers. Colored products HPR.BAND88 and HPR.BAND99 are particularly on high demand. These are made of top-notch human hair, making soft curls that feel amazing in your hand.


Outre(Sun Taiyang) Human Hair Headband Wig Body Wave: Featuring unprocessed 18″ hair and a thin satin band, it has upgrade Velcro that does not stick to hair. A highly elastic and breathable cap ensures a comfort fit.


Sensationnel(Hair Zone) Dashly Headband Wig Unit 1, 2Unit1 comes in 21″ length and available in seven colors; Unit2 at shoulder length (15″) is available in 3C and 4A curl mix. A tailored drawstring cap has a comb to fit perfectly on a head. Suitable for high heat blow-dry, curling, and heat styling.


VIVICA A FOX(Amekor) Headband Wig: A unique design with a scarf at the front of the headband wig. The scarf is more than 6 feet long, making it a versatile item for so many hairdos. Two combs in front and rear secure the wig tightly.


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