Thomas Edison of Beauty Supply

Thomas Edison of Beauty Supply

Orlando Royal Beauty – Jaesung Shim

You must have a profound knowledge on human hair item in order to sell it to your customer. At a time when more retailers testify how much slower the human hair products move than other items in store, there is a beauty supply owner who discovered his own solution to this rising issue. Mr. Shim shares his business tips on how to boost the sales of human hair items.


From Velcro the magic tape to ‘Zella’ Hair
“Zella the best! It truly stand out among its competitors.“ Mr. Shim replied as he showed mannequins and sewing machine laid out on his desk. They are used to make handcrafted cap and hair products. He continued, “An idea came to my mind out of nowhere about 4 years ago when I was at the store, looking over unsold products hung behind the cash register. Average head size measurement was easy to find on Google, so I sketched out some blueprints in size small, medium and large and made this new cap using velcro.”
Wig cap is made with plastic, which is a lighter material than stocking. Stocking cap is disposable after one use, but the Zella cap is reusable. Then the hair is affixed to the cap using specialized velcro that is thinner than the conventional ones. No glue is needed, as long as sewing machine is available. It can also reduce the time needed to apply hair to the cap.

In short, velcro is added at the weft for installation, just like track hair. Velcro and hair can be customized to the color of one’s choice, and then placed on the cap to create a style that perfectly fits the customer’s taste.

“With extra effort and time invested, unsold items can be redesigned to better address customer’s demand and reflect the latest trend. That is why I started this project and this new cap style is currently being reviewed for patent”



Regular Inspection of Hair Products
Mr. Shim regularly checks in on all of the products in-store, even a pile of items left untouched. He rearranges the display so that the unsold items are not kept at one place for an extended period of time. Renewal of the display usually centers around newly arrived items. “Sales all depends on how well you understand the need and taste of your customers and develop a marketing plan based on it.” Mr. Shim also carefully exhibit the item to show package design from different brands. Experienced clerks with excellent customer service skills also contribute to the “Earning your customer’s trust has become even more crucial to survive in rapidly evolving beauty market. In addition, I try to display the items so that the package design is more visible to the buyers.”

Focus on Wig Sales
Even though accessories and general merchandise increasingly take up larger portion of the overall sales, focus needs to be redirected to human hair items. Mr. Shim’s specialty is not only human hair, but also wig items. He checks everyday to make sure mannequins are neatly in place, price tags can be easily spotted, “TRY ME” section is easily accessible, mannequins with defect are taken ouo, and the brand name on the mannequin matches that of the wig placed on it. He also never forgets encouraging his employees to maintain the quality of the service.

Customer care is Essential
“The store is always neatly organized. I often visit here to buy some wigs and the store clerks are always kind and helpful. It’s much easier to find what I want than at other stores.” says a regular customer at Royal Beauty who drives 30 minutes to get to her favorite shopping spot. All employees put their best effort, as if they are running their own business. Royal Beauty is where customers can relax and enjoy a pleasurable shopping experience. Mr. Shim emphasizes the importance of diligence and courteous customer service is what keeps his customers returning for more.


Redesigning the Lighting
Lighting plays a crucial role in any retail store. Studies have repeatedly reported that the customers are more likely to make purchases at stores with better lighting and lights with yellow or warmer hue make objects appear more appealing and attractive than bright fluorescent light. He recently started a project to replace all of the lights inside to LED.


“Because the ceiling is relatively low, I invested more in lighting so that the interior appears more luminous and spacious. There were some unexpected issues with the contractor when installing the LED lights. The contractor insisted that the LED can conserve energy and I signed the deal as I wanted to change up the mood of the store. However, the process took much longer than anticipated and the quality of the work was not satisfactory. Some parts were left unfinished so I’m slowly working on them. The interior did get much brighter though.”

LED lighting is more expensive than incandescent bulbs but also comes with attractive benefits, which include:


Longer lifespan, lasting more than 3 times the other type like fluorescent light. Don’t have to climb up the ladder as often to exchange the bulbs.


LED lights consume less energy and can save on the electric bill. It can reduce up to 80% of the consumption while maintaining the same level of luminosity as other types of lights.


Emits less heat as it fuels from its own radiator. Can be less concerned about accidents when changing the lighting.
Repels pests. Insects dislike the LED wavelength, so the bulb can remain clean even during the summer season.


Luminosity is evenly distributed throughout. Conventional bulbs turn dark at the end after extended use, but LED lighting retains its brightness.


Does not emit UV and infrared rays, which help protect skin and eyesight from harmful emission. It also does not use mercury.

Competing with Price
“Payless shoe store nearby went out of business and I was able to find slippers and children shoes for $4.99~$5.99 from the closeout sales to resell at my store. People are often drawn to fashion items like shoes when they visit to purchase makeup and skincare products. Shoes are especially in demand in warmer Orlando weather. However, I recently discovered that one of the neighboring stores was selling a similar item at $0.99. How can you possibly put up with such competition with almost unreasonable price reduction?”


He also strongly believes that the item prices should not fluctuate after the reduction. Mr. Shim, who have worked at a flower shop, gas station, fresh market, and in various other fields, says that running a beauty supply store best fits his skills and personality, and has a clear goal of maintaining fair item price line while diversifying his inventory so that the products do not overlap with the ones from neighboring store. His shelves are flowing with old and new items.


“Description from visiting salesmen is never enough, so I always seek for more information on YouTube and Facebook.” Mr. Shim diligently research online to study the latest trend in human hair market. Just as velcro tenaciously holding onto the affixed object, we hope Mr. Shim’s passion for invention never ceases and continue to come with creative ideas for success in his business.

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