This Summer, Take Care of Healthy Hair!

This Summer, Take Care of Healthy Hair!

Summer is a season with hot tempera-tures and harsh UV rays. As the UV rays can damage your skin, it is important to not neglect care for your scalp and hair. In the sum-mer, not only can sunlight impact your hair but chlorine from the pools can dry out and discolor your hair. UV radiation breaks the molecular bonds of the hair follicles bringing irreversible damage to the cuticles resulting in dry and brittle hair. The various molecules of the sea salt ocean water can deteriorate the natural hair of Black women more than most. This summer, let us learn ways to keep our hair healthy for the Black women who may experience damaged or dry hair.


Hair Care Before and After the Pool

The first step in keeping hair healthy in the summer is knowing how to take care of the hair before and after entering the pool. The first method is to mix conditioner and water into the hair before entering. This will protect the hair from the chlorine-treated water in the pool and acts as a barrier. The easier method is to first soak the hair with distilled water and then entering the pool. This method prevents the chlorine in the water to be absorbed by the hair. After the pool, rinse the hair with club soda which is a carbonated drink with inorganic salts that clean the chlorine residue on the hair. For a deep cleanse, apple cider vinegar can also be used for cleaning out the hair follicles of any remaining chlorine. Experts also advise that wearing swim caps is one of the best ways to keep the hair healthy in the pool.


Oil Rinse for Maximum Moisture Supply

When the hair is exposed to sunlight for long periods of time, it is very important to take measures in restoring moisture to the hair. A moistur-izing spray can be a good method to supply water to the hair. For Black women who have severely dry hair, another method to try is an oil rinse.An oil rinse consists of applying one of the three oils (coconut, olive or avocado oil) that penetrates deep into the hair follicles. Apply the oil after rinsing out the shampoo and wait about 3-5 minutes before wash-ing it out with cold water. The characteristics of these three oils have properties that combine well with water molecules that make the hair absorb moisture better than other oils.


The Start of Healthy Hair is to Cut Off Damaged Hair

Cutting off all the damaged hair is an important factor for bringing healthy hair back to life. In particular, it is almost impossible to revive damaged hair at the tips once it has been damaged. Rather than keeping the tips grow-ing out as dead ends this summer, it will be better to cut it off to maintain healthy hair for longer periods of time. If you have lots of outdoor activities, wear a hat or a scarf which will be trendy and a protective measure for keeping healthy hair this summer.


Natural Sunscreen for Protecting Hair

If you are spending lots of time outside in the sun, it is recommended that you have a spray bottle with water and 2.5 teaspoon of a natural hair protector to spray onto your hair before walking out the door. In addition to using commercially sold sunscreen, it is a good idea to use natural sunscreens. Natural sunscreens include the most common coconut oil, olive oil, and red raspberry seed oil. Red raspberry seed oil has been researched to protect against UV radiation in a number of clinical trials.


The Answer to Healthy Hair in the Summer is Co Wash!

Summer weather means hotter weather, which means more showers and shampooing more than usual. It is important to use Sulfate free shampoo products after being active outdoors. Experts say that instead of washing your hair too often, it is better to use the Co Wash shampoo and conditioner method which is similar to the no poo (no shampoo) method. New York Times released an article about the no poo and co wash method in an interview say-ing that shampoos can dry out the hair and accelerate the space of damaging the hair. On the other hand conditioner coats the hair and reduces severe damage. Thus, washing your hair with just conditioner for a couple days with the Co Wash method will prevent deterioration to the hair.


Even When Styling, Be Careful!

In the summer, it is recommended to avoid exposure to chemicals as much as possible, especially during hair styling. After washing, dry your hair with a towel very gently to not damage the hair follicles. When using heated tools such as a flat iron straightener or a hair wand above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, keep in mind that this results in dryness and damage to the hair.

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