The ‘Untact’ Era, Manage Your Online Shop with Shopify

The ‘Untact’ Era, Manage Your Online Shop with Shopify

The unexpected covid-19 pandemic is shaking the global economy as well as the beauty industry. As the sales structure of the self-employed changed in the aftermath of the Corona and the untact culture was created, retail store owners were forced to adapt to the new normal.
However, there is a company whose stock price has been rising proudly even when the U.S. stock market was plummeting due to the coronavirus. Shopify, an e-commerce service provider, saw its overall sales rise 46.6 percent on-year in the first quarter, while the number of users increased 62 percent from the last six weeks between March 13, 2020 and April 24, 2020. It has now launched service in 175 countries around the world and has become a company with more than 1 million customers.
The reason for this growth during difficult times is that it has satisfied the need for online businesses in line with the online growth trend that has accelerated in the wake of the Coronavirus. We figured out how the beauty supply industry should adapt to new changes by utilizing Shopify, a platform suitable for small and medium businesses.

What services are available?
Shopify not only provides the founder or the existing retailer owner who starts the retail business with website security, e-commerce platform construction and online store design, but also provides a system that allows retailers to handle all the sales processes, such as marketing, order processing, inventory management, payment, and delivery. It also offers a store pick-up (curbside pickup) option, which was a movement of attempts in several beauty supplies during the Corona period.
All you have to do is enter the Shopify site, type your email, and click ‘Create Your Store’ to start a free 14-day trial of the showpiece. It also generates the name of the company and provides photos that can be downloaded and used for free. It easily supports links to open markets such as Amazon and eBay and various social media, and is optimized for mobile, so it can be modified or managed through the Shopify app.

There are so many web hosting companies; why did this one succeed?
Site operations should be easy. That way, even beginners who previously did not operate shopping malls can easily access them. To create an online shopping mall, one must contact a company and constantly modify the platform. However, if you go to the Shopify website, you can simply create your own online store in just a few hours and start operating immediately. Also, the important thing is that there is no need to create a mobile page because it is optimized for mobile. This is important because, on average, 50 percent of customers access the website via mobile

payment system
Shopify provides monthly shopping mall services and receives subscription fees. User fees other than platform construction include shipping, inventory management, and logistics agency fees. In addition, 14 days of free experience are now available.

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