The Treatment Category

The Treatment Category

Before we get into the bulk of this month’s article, I am going to reflect on the recent event that happened at the OSCARS this year. There was a controversy when actor Will Smith went on stage to slap comedian Chris Rock over a comment that Rock made, as a joke, on the sensitive matter about what Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, was suffering from. This event was focused on the slap from Smith, but also shined a light on a disorder called Alopecia.

So, what is Alopecia? According to WebMD, Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that causes your hair to come out, often in clumps the size and shape of a quarter. The amount of hair loss is different for everyone. Some people lose it only in a few spots. Others lose a lot. Sometimes, hair grows back but falls out again later. In others, hair grows back for good.

This month, I am going to go over the treatment category in our hair care industry. In my opinion, this category is the most important and the most thriving category in our industry because there are so many women in the African American culture that suffer from hair issues such as, hair loss, damaged brittle hair, and scalp damage. Before the African American hair industry was a “THING”, women of color didn’t have any big brand manufacturers to make products to cater to the needs of the culture. Because of the neglect by the General Hair care market, African American women had to make their own “kitchen table home remedies” to help with their needs. Because of the lack of knowledge about these problematic issues that the women were going through, manufacturers used to only rely heavily on the other categories like STYLING.

The General Hair care industry has now finally seen how much percentage the Average African American Women spends in the hair care industry and now are beginning to make products more toward the needs of the biggest consumer in the hair care industry.

One of the biggest issues that women of color face is Hair loss. Hair loss is very common in African American women. Some of the causes of African American women to lose their hair is just by genetics, and sometimes, but most by having hair styling practices that damage the hair and the scalp. Many ethnic women braid, twist, relax, and weave their hair. If the braid is too tight, it puts a lot of stress and tension on the scalp and the actual hair and eventually pulls the hair from the scalp leading to the hair falling out or breaking off.

According to a study of 30 African American women and 30 white women, 60 percent of African American women said their hair was too dry, while 67 percent of white women said their hair had normal moisture. Therefore, African American women are more than three times more likely to have hair shaft breakage than white women.

Types of hair loss treatments

Nowadays, since we have a lot of media coverage about the African American hair styles and trends, there seems to be more treatment on the shelves to help the issues of hair loss in women. There are products that contain minoxidil. Minoxidil has been proven and approved by the FDA. Still, this medically formed liquid is the substance that stimulates hair growth and slow balding, but it does not cure nor grow the receding hairline back. The other form of treatment is using more natural oils. These products contain a lot of natural oils and blends to stimulate hair growth. Keep in mind, there is no such thing or anything that grows the hair back. The products that claim hair growth either gives the effect of growing hair by cleansing the scalp that was blocking the hair follicles to break through dirt, grime, and bad oil build up that was preventing the hair from growing in the first place. It also makes hair healthier to make it fuller to have the effects of having more hair. Once the Hair Follicles are gone, they are gone, but that doesn’t mean we do not need these products. These products help damaged follicles, scalp, and hair to prevent full loss of hair and sometimes reverses and repairs the damaged hair for it to grow back.

Other than Minoxidil, one of the key natural ingredients that help promote and stimulate hair growth is Castor oil. Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained from castor seeds. It contains ricinoleic acid that promotes hair growth and has been used as a treatment for hair loss since ancient times. Many people use castor oil as a natural hair treatment. This is because castor oil has moisturizing properties, which could help lubricate the hair shaft, increasing flexibility and decreasing the chance of breakage.


Efficacy of Castor Oil

Hair growth, hair loss prevention, scalp nutrition. It helps not only hair but also eyelashes and beard to grow hair. Castor oil is rich in nutrients such as vitamin E, minerals, omega 6 and 9, and is made of ricinoleic acid, which has the effect of washing dead epithelial cells, oil, and dust in the skin, creating an environment where hairs can grow quickly. And it stimulates hair follicles to promote hair growth and thicker hair.

Moisturizing the skin, improving wrinkles, relieving stretch marks, and relieving scars. Viscous oil prevents moisture evaporation and is rich in vitamin E, which is very effective in moisturizing the skin.

Relief of skin inflammation, acne, and arthritis. Castor oil has an anti-inflammatory antibacterial effect, and ricinoleic acid, the main component, has an excellent effect on reducing nerve inflammation.

A lot of times, these products will blend the natural oils like castor oils with another oil that has menthol characteristics to give a soothing feel with a sense of tingling on the scalp to make someone feel like it’s working at the topical level. Other than the actual hair loss, damaged hair may contribute to looking like you have hair loss. Having strong healthy hair roots will prevent hair loss and promote healthy scalp.


Here are some of the popular Hair Growth Serums out in the market:

Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Oil A nutrient-rich, intensive formula meant to help you address your hair concerns. From nourishing hair follicles, smoothing split ends and helping with dry scalp, this organic hair oil uses natural ingredients and essential oils to provide the care your hair deserves.

Hollywood Hair Bar Growth Oil Regular and Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Serum was created for people with catastrophic hair loss who were told their hair would never grow back and to give up trying. This hair Regrowth Serum is made from amazing all natural essential oils, herbs and fruit oils that penetrate the scalp, grow back your edges, fill in your bald spots and grow your hair SUPER FAST!.

Nouvelle Nouveau Growth Oil This amazing product helps promote to get fuller and thicker hair. It also helps your hair’s natural growth by protecting the hair from everyday wear and tear. Hair fatigue, or swelling and dryness, can be reduced by oiling it regularly. Oils cover the space between cuticle cells, protecting the follicle from surfactants. Also works great as a hair essence to moisturize, coat, and sheen the hair from end to end.

Taliah Wajid Protective Styles Bamboo & Coconut Milk This Oil is an intensive growth blend of 13 botanical and essential oils formulated to promote thicker, fuller, longer, stronger hair on the scalp. Infused with a uniqueSciNatranol peptide fortifying complex, this lightweight, fast penetrating oil works three ways to supply necessary nutrients to the hair follicle, fortify hair from root to tip, and deposit reparative moisture. Coconut oil penetrates deeply to restore and repair hair that has been stressed and overworked from protective styles while sweet almond oil helps restore hair’s protective oil layer for strong, soft, shiny hair.

Nappy Styles Braids Strengthening Growth Oil It is formulated to moisturize, hydrate and condition your hair manageably and protect while wearing braids and other protective styles. The Strengthening Oil nourishes & energizes the scalp, activates moisture proteins to strengthen hair and repairs hair follicles.

Ethnic Hair care industry has come a long way. It’s become an industry where even the big brand manufactures are interested in this category. The General Market has taken interest in this field because they realized the potential market dollars that this category has. Target is so invested in this field that they even dedicated a whole aisle with just ethnic and textured hair in most of their locations. With that said, we as leaders of Beauty Supply Stores need to learn more of what our consumer needs are rather than just selling what is available. We must know the products to continue to succeed in this industry.


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