The Rise of Edge Control

The Rise of Edge Control

Edge control products make strides to become an anchor seller. Just a short while ago, edge control products were considered one of many hair products, but now they account for substantial sales. From many brand names including Ebin, Kiss, Touch Down, and Edge Booster, a variety of products are coming out featuring natural ingredients like argan oil and tea tree oil as well as gold and hemp seeds. Compared to five years ago, it is certainly a key seller at beauty supplies. We analyzed the rise of edge products with respect to the consumer demand, trend shifts, and social media.



  1. Why Consumers Love Edge Products? 

From natural hair to wigs and braids, everyone wants to be in control of their edge hairs. For a sleek edge styling, a strong hold is a must-have. Let’s figure out why consumers purchase edge products.

Why Edge?

1) A great way to tame baby hairs.

2) A neat setting for loose hairs.

3) To hold hairs gently for the entire day.

4) A great holding for any part of hair.

5) An easy and sleek ponytail styling.

6) Not sticky like pomade.

7) Free of sulfates, paraben, or formaldehyde.

8) No peeling or sticking around edges.

9) A great way to style the hairline.

10) Even more natural styling for lace front wigs.

11) Easy to bring natural sheen and styling around the hairline.

12) Quick to wash.

13) Nourishments through Vitamin K, Aloe, honey, sheer butter, and olive oils.

14) To moisturize hair.

15) To strengthen thin and weak hair strands.


Words from Retailers on Best-selling Edge Products 

Retail Owner Oh, Chicago IL

The color of the product itself and the shape of the container that can be visually inspected are often selling points. Some products introduced floral and fruity scents while others come in unique containers from round to donut shapes as well as tube types.

Retail Owner Kim, Virginia

The edge control product by Cream of Nature was, in fact, what made edge products an essential. Ebin, Kiss, Sistar, and so on quickly introduced newer products, which seemingly had no improvement on functionality. Fragrance is becoming a distinguishing factor nowadays. 

Store Manager Choi, California

They come in various sizes. Customers know that buying bigger means saving money, but they want to try a new product in a smaller package. In old days, some customers would break the seal to try the product when no tester was offered, but today’s customers are much better than that. Some products contain alcohol, so they reduce half in volume after being displayed for an extended time. Of course, you can claim credits from the suppliers, but some companies set minimum order to relatively high volumes. I have to place orders to satisfy my clients, but old stocks are problem for me.

Store Manager Park, Florida

It’s all about holding. You have to have a strong hold to control edges. Baby hairs are usual targets, but it’s also applied to rear neck hairs.


Retail Owner Jung, New York

Edge Booster is the top seller. It satisfies the visual aesthetics and the smell together. Radio advertisements and social media marketing gave birth to craving for edge products. Word-of-mouth marketing quickly boosted its sales. 


Words from the Great Houses of Edge Products

We compiled materials provided by companies like Ebin NY, SM Beauty, and Kiss to compare features, pros and cons, scents, container types, and anti-flaking secrets of their edge control products. Note that for Kiss, we focused on a new product, Edge Fixer, which contains hemp seeds.

EBIN NY (Edge Tamer) KISS (IVY Fixer) SM BEAUTY (Touchdown Series)
Features Edge Tamer is recommended by many celebrities as well as star YouTubers and beauty bloggers.

A perfect and sleek hairstyle is possible with Edge Tamer’s top-in-the-competition strength holding as well as a variety of scent choices from fruity to sweet.

Controlled and naturalistic sheen boasts a perfect styling without ever getting greasy or shiny.

A combination of tea tree oil and sandal wood oil produces a mild but cool woody scent, which is the secret of the unique scent, developed by a professional scent solution company, of Kiss Colors and Care® Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Edge Fixer™.

Benefits of tea tree oil: fresh scent provides refreshing and vitalizing as well as antibacterial and immune system stimulating effect. It also alleviates itchy skin and promotes skin healing.

Benefits of sandal wood oil: its calming effect helps alleviate symptoms from headaches, insomnia, and nervousness. The calming effect of sandal wood boosts mucous regeneration and reduces infection risks while it is known for moisturizing potency and relieving dermatitis and dry skin. 

1st Touch Down comes in three strengths from 18 hours, 24 hours, and 36 hours. All includes argran oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and camellia oil. Natural and healthy ingredient with sweat peach scent is the major selling point.

2nd Touch Down comes in three types of upgraded 48-hour hold products based on floral scents. Each of three contains coconut, shear butter, and black castor oil. From natural hair to wigs, they are great for all sorts of hair.

Pros Water-based formula provides a refreshing all-day styling. Water-based, water-soluble formula can be washed with regular shampoo without residues and easy to apply on any hairstyle. Consumers have praised its easy application. Contains both water and oil. Anti-flaking thanks to a great strength balance.
Scents Fruity Edge Tamer:

Mango, Lemon, Peach, Wild berry, Acai berry, Kiwi, pineapple.

Tropical Edge: Berry Margarita, Candy Apple, Citrus Berry, Hemp

Kiwi, Strawberry, Mojito, Pina Colada, Pink Lemonade.

Donut Edge Tamer is offered in five different scents including blueberry.

A combination of tea tree oil and sandal wood oil produces a mild but cool woody scent, which is the secret of the unique scent, developed by a professional scent solution company, of Kiss Colors and Care® Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil Edge Fixer™. From refreshing floral scent to sweat fruity scents, six different scent types are available.
Container A travel size is perfect for a quick hair retouch on the go.

2.7 oz volume, the most popular size. Double layered and a perfect size for ladies.

4.0 oz volume, a fully filled jar-shaped container provides great value.

8.25 oz volume, a favorite size favored by professionals and salons.

10mL Tube

An induction seal prevents leaks.

66.44mL Tube

A sponge seal reduces evaporation of scent.

A light and portable plastic container provides great colors that attract customers.
Anti-flaking secret A perfectly balanced ratio of all ingredients made a great hold and anti-flaking possible for 24HR Edge Tamer.

A perfect balance produces natural sheen in hairstyle.

Setting agents are prone to produce white color over time when solidified after exposure to the air or other materials. Through a tedious trial-and-error process, a formula with a minimum amount of setting agents with a maximum hold was developed to reduce flaking issues.
Great strength balance.


One of the Must-haves: Edge Control

When “One GottaGo!” challenge went viral on the social media, nails, lip glosses, clear complexion, eyelashes, and shoes were the ones frequently survived the challenge along with edge control products.

Type of Edge Control
When you go to beauty supply stores, you see edge control products in the “gold zone”, which is the most noticeable area such as besides cashier and right in front of the entrance. What edge control products are popular and what are the customer’s needs? Let’s discuss the consumer preferences and product characteristics with respect to edge control products.


1) Liquid-type
Though more commonly known as hair gel, it serves the purpose of edge control as well. Xtreme Styling Gel and ECO Style Gel are some of well known examples. Customers frequently ask about the difference between gels and edge controls. While you can apply hair gels throughout the entire head, you want to use edge controls on baby hairs on the hairline and sides only. These products tend to be more affordable and thus easy to sell. They are easily washable with water and offer a light, flexible hold.

2) Gel-type
High-viscosity gel-type products are considered traditional edge controls. Both water-based and oil-based products are available and more recently brown or black colored products are becoming popular.


Oil containing products
A softer edge and moist curls can be styled. The problem with this type is flaking that appears on scalp or skin. Therefore, argan oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, and so on are often added to prevent flaking.


Colored products
Some customers might want to apply black or brown colored edge controls to provide a denser and voluminous look especially when they have little baby hair or suffer from hair loss on the hairline and sides.

3) Wax/Stick-type
These are newer solid-texture products. They usually came as in waxes or sticks. For example, a edge control classic Murray’s Edge Wax is a mixture of a long-lasting premium gel and natural wax obtained from Austrailian beeswax*. As shown in the picture, its opaque wax-texture provides great sheen and lasting hold. A soft texture helps application, and it should be used on completely dry hair.
Edge Booster Stick by Style Factor boasts an easy application plus non-sticky strong hold.

*Beeswax is a natural wax produced by honey bees and often used in cosmetics such as lip balms, lip glosses, hand creams, moisturizer, eye shadows, and eyeliners. It is a major ingredient for pomades and creates a silky texture.

Let’s Tackle Q&A
We summarized frequently asked questions from edge control product users.


Q: How do you apply edge control properly?
A: Gradually apply from a small amount on the baby hairs and finish the style with an edge brush or alternatively a toothbrush. Place a silk or sateen scarf over the hairline for five to ten minutes.


Q: How do you wash edge control off?
A: Oily products need to be washed with warm water, but for most products, any water should suffice.


Q: What causes edge control to turn white?
A: As solvents evaporate, solutes deposits on hairs appearing in white color.


Q: How to prevent edge control turning white?
A: Use a moderate amount at a time and may mix with a small amount of oil.


Q: How to remove white residues without a thorough wash of head?
A: You can simply apply some warm water sprays on the affected area to re-liquidity the product.
Then, use your edge brush to add a small amount of extra edge control, followed with scarf treatment and oil sheen spray.


Q: How can you make edge control last longer?
A. You should apply a small amount at a time in layers.


Keep Up with the Trend

Sales Strategies for Edge Control

Edge control products are all over the beauty supplies. You want to build customer trust and loyalty by recommending great products that fit the customer’s hair type and styling needs. Let’s figure out best products for various customers, including with sensitive skin, anti-flaking concerns, desiring a strong and lasting hold, scent preferences, and addressing hair loss


Sensitive skin

Kiss Edge Fixer Maximum Hold
Three product types for dry and itchy skins, sensitive scalp, fortifying hair root available. Maximum hold.

Carols Daughter -Black Vanilla Edge Control Smoother
Free of paraben, mineral oil, artificial coloring agents. A mild product

Strong pleasant scent and enhance edges & thicken hair shaft

Kiss Colors and Care Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Edge Fixer™
provides maximum and long-lasting hold for all hair types while adding moisture and ultimate shine. It contains Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-9 fatty acids and Vitamin E which help to enhance edges and thicken hair shaft

White residue concerns

2nd Touch Down Edge Tamer
Non-flaking label, easy to appeal to the customer. Natural oils and antioxidants promote healthy hair growth. Due to lasting hold, customers love this.

Creme of Nature – Perfect Edges Extra Hold
Best of Beauty Award, dry finish, argan oil reduces flaking, and all with extra hold.

강한 고정력을 원할 경우

Moco De Gorila Punk Hair Gel
Though not released as an edge control product but for an extreme styling need, the super sticky texture can be preferred by some customers

Got2b Glued Styling Spiking Hair Glue
With a strong hold and affordable price, a lot of customers use it as wig glue. The ultra glued is labeled for edge styling, and a small size tube is easy to sell at the cash register

옆머리가 비어 보이는 경우

EBIN New York 24 Hour Colored Edges Tamer
Introducing 1, 1B, 2, and 4 colors. It masks hair loss while providing hold

다양한 향기와 깔끔한 마무리를 원하는 경우

Style Factor Edge Booster
A clear container reveals the true product color. Its fruity scent is a big hit.
Natural argan oil was added to new products available in 15 different scents. This easily washable water-soluble product provides non-greasy flexible hold.
Also available in small volume containers

Edge Control’s Great Companion: Edge Brushes

We analyzed total 200 comments found on @edgesarelaid @blackcardrevoked of Instagram to figure out what tools are commonly used for edge styling. We found 60% of people used edge brushes while 20% used toothbrushes. Simply placing edge brushes near edge control products may boost your sales

Top 10 Edge Control Products on Amazon

“To win the competition, you must know the competition.” Let’s take a look at top 10 products on Amazon. Pros and cons are based on subjective reviews of customers, and we only included products with more than 100 reviews

Design Essentials Sleek MAX Edge Control For Smooth All Day Hold & Style, 2.4Oz

$8.79 / 4-star rating / 339 reviews
Pros: a small amount provides strong hold, withstands sweating, sleek texture, and easy to wash.
Cons: white residues and a small amount for the price

Ebin 24 Hour Edge Tamer Extreme Firm Hold, 8.25Oz
$14.98 / 4.5-star rating / 125 reviews
Pros: great quality befitting the brand reputation; product lasts many applications; and long lasting.
Cons: it fell short of expectation for thicker hairs (e.g. 4C).

Style Factor Edge Booster Strong Hold Water-Based Pomade, 3.38Oz
$9.69 / 4-star rating / 394 reviews
Pros: non-sticky, easy to apply, withstand heat and moisture, and great scent.
Cons: it leaves white residues sometimes.

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother Edge Tamer, 2Oz
$5.19 / 4-star rating / 1,039 reviews
Pros: Great scent, moisturizing, and good for the scalp.
Cons: It doesn’t last.

Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, 6Oz (Pack of 3)
$14.07 / 4.5-star rating / 260 reviews
Pros: Strong hold and endurance, great for thicker hair.
Cons: tend to leave white residues

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels, 4Oz
$12.35 / 4-star rating / 917 reviews
Pros: not oily, leaves no residue, and strong hold.
Cons: need a large amount for an application, and it doesn’t last.

Eden BodyWorks Coconut Shea Control Edge Glaze, 6Oz
$12.28 / 4-star rating / 387 reviews
Pros: easily applicable on all hair types, moisturizing.
Cons: leaves white residues, not recommended for sensitive skin.

She Is Bomb Collection Edge Control, 3.5Oz
$9.75 / 4-star rating / 183 reviews
Pros: Strong hold even for thicker hair (e.g. 4C) and lasts very long.
Cons: tends to be oily.

Dark and Lovely Let’s Jam, Shining and Conditioning Gel, Extra Hold, 4.4Oz
$2.93 / 4-star rating / 190 reviews
Pros: an excellent hold for the price and can be used for braids maintenance apart from edge control.
Cons: vulnerable to sweat and can drip on occasions.

Cantu Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel, 2.25Oz
$3.97 / 4-star rating / 197 reviews
Pros: free from toxic ingredients, light and strong hold.
Cons: takes longer to dry, on the side of oily.

Notable Edge Styling from Instagram Influencers

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