The Passion Twist

The Passion Twist

The most practical and healthy hairstyle for the scalp is called the protective style. This style can simply be described as a braided style and is one of the best styles to create with affordable prices and less effort spent on styling. Amongst the different braiding styles, the Passion Twist stands out as one of the most popular trends this year. This style main-tains the natural texture, has low maintenance compared to other styles and is pleasant to look at for long periods of time.

How did the Passion Twist become so popular?
The Passion Twist hairstyle was founded in a Miami-based hair salon by beautician Karenyn Rogers, @BohoBabe (instagram). This style was designed for clients who wanted cute bohemian style locks while maintaining their natural hair texture. The style Rogers created became viral through instagram leading her to make a Youtube tutorial on how to do Passion Twists which got more than 600,000 views in September of last year.

What is different about the Passion Twist?
Passion Twist can be seen as a combination of the Senegalese Twists and Goddess Locs. The new format of the Two Strand Twist has taken over social media as a style that maintains the natural texture of black women to its full potential. The biggest difference between Passion Twist and other twisted hairstyles is that other styles use Kinky hair for a rope-shaped twist while Passion Twist uses extensions to create twists. A more loose, natural and voluminous style is able to be created.

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Senegalese Twists is also called Rope Twists that is created with two-strand twists.

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Goddess Loc is taking dreadlock-like extensions with a crochet latch hook, this style can be achieved by inserting the braid through the individual’ s natural hair at the top down to the desired length. There are multiple ways to create this look depending on the individual’ s desires.


How to Style the Passion Twist
First, thoroughly clean the hair with shampoo and then dry. Keep the hair just a tad damp for the best styling results. Prepare the form wrapping lotion, edge control and extensions.
1. Section off a two-inch strip of hair with a rat-tail comb and add edge gel through each section.
2. Keeping the sections separated, knot the wavy extensions around the root of the hair, then two-strand twist the pieces togeth-er until you reach the ends. Continue with the other section of the hair.


What Type of Styles Are Possible?

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Half-up, Half-down Passion Twist
Passion Twists on a shorter hairstyle looks very stylish when it is in a beautiful half-up, half-down hairstyle. This will go with either a casual outfit or even a formal, fancy outfit. This hair length and hairstyle is perfect for the spring and summer when long hair seems out of the question.

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Passion Twist in a Simple Bun
A high bun is perfect for when the weather is too hot or when you want to style long hair in a different way. The twists have been taken up high to create a bun and the ends of the twists have been left down to act as bangs.

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Mid Length Passion Twist
One of the most flattering hair lengths for the Passion Twist. The twists have been parted on the sides that come straight down to the shoulder. For individuals who want long-enough hair for a feminine look as well as a look that can be styled into a bun, this mid- length is the best solution.

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Blended Color Passion Twist
Adding highlights or different colors to the passion twists can make your hairstyle stand out. In this specific picture, there are tons of blonde in the twists. You can follow this look or try out different colors that are better suited for your individual skin tone.

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