The First Half isn’t even over yet for the trend of ‘Hair Oils’

The First Half isn’t even over yet for the trend of ‘Hair Oils’


Just as the era of functional cosmetics arrived 20 years ago, the era of functional hair oils has arrived several years ago. Hair oil, which was considered to be exclusively for black people, gradually diversified and began to penetrate into the lives of all races.
According to Market Research Inc., a specialized market research institute, the hair oil market, which has grown rapidly from 2018, is expected to grow steadily until 2028. They cited the functions of fine-grained hair oil and the influx of new consumers as the main reasons.
The early shop catches the customers. To be a leader in the upcoming hair oil market, you need to know more about hair oil. To help readers quickly understand hair oil, BNB categorized it into three categories: regular oil, light oil, and treatment oil.

General Oils as the thick and heavy shield that protects the hair

• specialized in moisturizing; no worries about dry hair with coconut oil!
• Hair growth and moisturizing effect all at once?! Coconut castor oil
• oil is not just for eating. Apply it to your hair for dandruff removal and conditioning!

The US President’s exclusive car has been produced by the “Cadillac” company. Just as the sturdiest car protects the country’s most valued person, your precious hair should be covered by the hardest General Oils.
General Oils are specialized in the care of dry and damaged hair. General Oils have been actively used by black people who are born with very dry hair or who suffer from hair that has been damaged by excessive dyeing or perm. It is the kind that has been loved by consumers for the longest time, so people will usually think of this product line when it comes to hair oil. These include coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil.

♦ Eye-worthy Products ♦

L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Coconut Oil for Dry Hair
The benefits of coconut oil also exert its strength on hair. Coconut oil, which is specialized in moisturizing, penetrates the oil deep into the hair to maintain and protect the moisture of the hair. L’Oréal’s ‘Coconut oil for Dry Hair,’ perfect for dry hair, is one of the most popular coconut oil hair products on the market because it is effective in repairing damaged hair and making it shiny.




Coconut Black Castor Oil by Universal Beauty
Black castor oil, which is excellent for hair growth, and coconut oil, which is specialized for hydration, met and caught two birds with one stone. It is a versatile oil used for skin and hair. It softens hair and prevents hair and shine damage. It is a hair oil product that is currently the flagship product of Universal Beauty, contains a strong coconut scent loved by the public, and uses only 100% pure organic oil.




Olive Oil 100% Pure for Skin & Hair by OKAY
Olive oil, which is excellent for making hair elastic, is versatile and can be used on hair. Using olive oil on your hair can help fight dandruff and deep conditioning your hair. Like other general oils, it is suitable for dry scalp and hair, and is very effective in smoothing rough hair texture and improving scars and aging. It is a natural product made only with 100% pure olive oil.




Lightweight Oils, the Jack of all trades that led to the popularization of hair oil

• Less weight, same efficacy! The revolution of oils, argan oil
• No burden because of human hair structure-like attributes, Jojoba oi!
• So light, it could be used on babies- almond oil!

Lightweight Oils, which have made a significant contribution to the growth of the hair oil market, are widely used and in the limelight by all races. It is not specifically intended for dry or damaged hair, but it is evaluated as suitable for all types of hair by managing the overall scalp and hair.
Lightweight Oils succeeded in convincing consumers who felt overwhelmed by the product of hair oil one by one with their light feeling and brought them into the world of hair oil. Caucasians and Asians with straight hair often look for lighter hair oils when they want to soften and condition their hair. In general, these products contain silicone, which makes the hair shiny and silky. The products include argan, jojoba, almond and grape seed oil.

♦ Eye-worthy Products ♦

Ebin New York Argan Oil
Light oil was the main reason for the popularization of hair oil, and argan oil is the representative of light oil. Produced by squeezing the fruits of the argan tree growing in southwest Morocco, this hard vegetable oil is rich in vitamin E, oleic and linoleic fatty acids, which provide excellent protection for hair and scalp from UV rays. While it has superb efficacy, it is one of the lightest oils. Argan oil is said to be a revolution in the oil world because it is very light and has little difference from ordinary oils in terms of moisture supply and hair protection. Ebin New York Argran Oil is chemically free, making it suitable for light curly hair or heavy straight hair.



Hollywood Beauty Jojoba Hair Oil
The reason jojoba oil is consumed steadily is that it is known to be the most structurally and chemically similar to human sebum. As it contains vitamin E and vegetable unsaturated fatty acids, it promotes hair growth and is effective in preventing hair loss as it does not put a large burden on the scalp. It is characterized by being able to supply deep nutrients by supplying moisture from the inside, and it is light and does not clog pores, so the burden of using oil is very small. It is especially popular in summer because it protects your hair from chlorine and sea water in the pool.



Sweet Almond Oil Treatment by OKAY
Almond oil is also one of the lightest oils and has a very low irritation. As light as it is, it penetrates the skin and hair perfectly and quickly, so there is no problem to use it on babies. It contains vitamin E, potassium, zinc and linoleic acid oil, and provides an environment that creates healthy hair follicles, enabling fundamentally strong hair growth. Especially, it is widely used in spring and summer, and it is also good for light and dry hair.




The blue chip of hair loss, Treatment Oils

• Oil from cannabis?!Eternal oil from god itself, CBD Oil
• Biotin Oil, hair growth effect that consumers have proven themselves

As the efficacy of hair oil is gradually diversified, the demands of consumers are increasing. People are expecting more and more of hair oil, and manufacturers are trying to meet those expectations. One of those people’s needs is hair loss treatment.
Alopecia is one of the incurable diseases, and it is still a mystery and a challenge to mankind. However, hair oil manufacturers have recently been targeting this impregnable “hair loss” with several meaningful discoveries as their weapon. Representative treatment oils are CBD oil and biotin oil.

♦ Eye-worthy Products ♦

Bio 7 CBD oil
Bynature, which has been studying hair growth for a long time to alleviate the worry of black people who have lost their hair due to the use of wrong chemicals and the glue that they use frequently wearing wigs, uses cannabinoids (CBD) that have been studied for a long time in the medical field. They succeeded in incorporating it into hair oil. Bio7 CBD oil, made from CBD extracted from hemp seed plants, which is a type of cannabis, contains vitamins and nutrients that are effective for hair growth, and is known to have a great effect in preventing hair loss because it is effective in preventing aging through antioxidant activity.



Smart Care 100% Pure Hemp Oil
100% natural CBD oil from oil specialist ‘Smart Care’ regenerates the skin’s protective layer and supplies energy. It can be used on dry and loose hair, and it can be used on both skin and hair, so consumers are showing high satisfaction. It is a product with no side effects and no burden for people to use by making it similar to human hair by increasing the content of omega 3 and omega 6 in particular.




Biotin Hair Growth Serum by Pureauty Naturals
Sometimes, consumers make discoveries themselves and become the norm of the industry. Consumers who used biotin posted a review after experiencing a noticeable increase in the amount of hair. As such cases gradually increased, hair oil companies scientifically proved that biotin is very effective in preventing hair growth and hair loss, and started marketing related to hair loss. Pureauty Nature’s Biotin has also succeeded in producing biotin oil from natural ingredients and is receiving great attention in the market. Suitable for all hair types and both men and women.



Hair Trend  BY Ingyun Jeong
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