The Current Status of Lace Wig

The Current Status of Lace Wig

New lace wig products are constantly introduced to the market. New terminologies are introduced along with new types of products, which are not easy to tell apart. You might fall for sales associates’ sugar-coated introduction of new products, but when it comes to expensive products, you tend to hesitate. Here come things you might have not known about lace wigs while selling them. Now, you should sell them with confidence.


Part 1 Lace Is Getting More Transparent and Softer

HD Lace

When it was developed, beauticians visited lace manufacturers in order to test samples on their skin. This almost invisible lace was clear and high quality, which was dubbed High Definition. 

Ultra-thin Swiss Lace

The material is developed in Swiss with thin and soft threads, which provide comfort. 

Soft Lace

The most commonly used type of lace for wigs. Alternatively, it is called French Lace because it was first imported from France.

Soft Lace Swiss Lace HD (High Definition) Lace
Pros     1. Durable material good for beginners.

    2. Recommended for daily gluing and removal. 

    3. Affordable.

    4. Secure fit because it can be molded into a head shape.

    1. Thin and light, making it low-profile. 

    2. Easy to shape into a wig due to its flexibility. 

    3. Natural-looking hairline thanks to thin thread construction of the lace.

    1. The most clear and natural lace among those so far introduced to the market.

    2. It projects onto skin well, so it is less identifiable as a wig.

    3. Being the softest fabric, it provides the most comfort fit.

    4. While thin, the thread is tough and strong.

Cons     1. As being thicker than other laces, it may be less identifiable as a wig.

    2. Stiff lace makes it uncomfortable worn.

    1. Novice lace wig wearers should approach it with care due to very thin material. 

    2. As the lace is in lighter colors, it needs to be tinted to match skin tone.

    1. The lace portion often rides up in the back. 

    2. As the lace is in lighter colors, it needs to be tinted to match skin tone.

Comparison of three different laces on skin
After applying glue spray



Brief Comparison

Appearing a natural hair: HD > Swiss > Soft

Soft and comfortable fit: HD > Swiss > Soft

Durability: Soft > Swiss > HD


HD Lace Will Dominate 2020!

BNB editorial board made an inquiry to a research wing of a hair company to find out what hair experts think about the current lace wig trend. The head of the research division anticipated that HD lace would be the major trend in 2020. Let’s hear from him about the recent trend shift as well as what qualifies as a high quality lace wig.


  1. What makes a high quality lace wig?
  2. It should be soft, thin, and less identifiable as a wig. 
  3. What is the lace wig trend in 2020?
  4. Lately, lace manufacturers are receiving more and more HD lace purchase orders. Gradually, other laces are being replaced by HD lace.

HD lace is very thin like Swiss lace, so it can be easily damaged during wig manufacturing process. More wigs will be introduced with a wider hand-tied area. 

Compared to the medium brown color of laces of the past, more laces will come as transparent or in beige color. It is due to a thinner lace with a wider hand-tied area that results in more visibility through hairs and part. As such, a revealing black stocking cap would be undesirable. Even for darker skinned people, scalp color is lighter. More wig caps are coming out in beige or brown.

To have light scalp, you need transparent lace, which can be partially tinted with spray or powder foundation, especially on hairline area. 


  1. HD lace products tend to be pricey, right?
  2. That’s not always true. Considering the quality, the price is comparable to other laces. 
  3. Can HD lace be a synonym for transparent lace?
  4. Transparent laces are not HD lace. Transparent laces are thinner than Soft lace and lighter, but it’s not white. It’s an easy recommendation for customers. 

However, as transparent color becomes the major trend, some customers complain about lace color not matching their skin color. For those, you can recommend lace tint and foundation products.


Part 2 

Lace Wig: Technical Wonders 


Bleached Knots: removing black dots due to knots.

When hair strands are tied on lace by knotting, the bottom of wigs show unnatural black dots. The bottom can be bleached to look natural. 



Unnatural-looking black dots.


Pre-Plucked: hair strands along the hairline and its proximity are plucked to resemble baby hair.

Natural hair on a human head is not of consistent density over the head. Side hair is usually thinner, and the hair right above the hairline is less dense and thin like baby hair, which is often called “charm hair” among Koreans. As wigs have the same density of hair overall, it appears unnatural compared to natural hair. Customers used to pluck the hairline with tweezers and scissors. Nowadays, many products have improved hairline out of the box.


A more natural looking hairline after pre-plucking


Hot Trend: Melt-down Lace Method

A stocking cap in beige color appears as if the cap melted on skin


A beige stocking cap is cut and glued along the hairline. The edge is tightly secured on skin, so it blends in with the scalp. For this method to be used, the hand-tied area should look very natural. As many beauticians adopt this method, less visible laces are getting popular.


Glueless Wig? A wig that requires no gluing.

You can secure the wig on a head without using a tape or other adhesives. The cap construction is different from traditional lace cap wigs that require adhesives. It comes with a front comb, an adjustable strap on the back, and another comb. The wig fits a head perfectly as it is ergonomically designed. 


Common Swiss lace wig cap & Glueless wig cap


Glue or tape is used to secure wigs. Adjustable strap on the back and front- and back-end clips can secure it without glue.


Part 3 

Learn about Accessories: the Essential Companion to Wigs of 2020 

Swiss Lace HD Lace
Wig Grip Band Deodorant for wigs
A perfect companion that prevents wigs from slipping. With velvet fabric on both sides, it helps securing a wig. Deodorant is not just for body odor. This deodorant is made specifically for wigs so they can last longer without a wash. 
MILANO COLLECTION- WiGrip(Amazon) Demert- Wig & weave Hernal Freshener Wig Fresh- Cap deodorant
Comparable lace tinting products Styling wax
As transparent and beige colored lace wigs become popular, light colored scalp is naturally exposed. For this, hairlines can be tinted to match the skin color for a complete look. A few stray hairs on top of wigs were hard to manage with hot combs and flat irons. Now, styling wax can be applied with hands to take care of stray hairs in no time. Even better when used with an edge scarf. 
Ebin NY- Tinted Lace spray Root LA Girl- pro conceal

L’Oreal Paris- Hair Color Magic

Keracare- Wax stick
Stocking cap with a non-black color that matches skin color Ultra-light wig polishing products
Hand-tied wigs can be stretched to reveal the color of a stocking cap along the part; hence, the skin color-matching stocking cap is a trend. Non-sticky shine on wigs; also protects wigs from moisture. 
Dream lover-Stocking cap Kenra-platinum Silkening Gloss Via- Natural Oil Free Wig Shine


Top 6  Wig Glues Picked by Amazon Customers

Got2B Glued blasting Freeze spray  Esha Absolute Lace Wig Adhesive Glue
For novice wig wearers and customers who worry about damaging wig laces.

An improper gluing can damage wigs, and Got2B glue is less damaging to wigs compared to glues specifically made for securing wigs. Great for a short term use by novice wearers. Another advantage is its water-soluble formula, which makes it easy to take off the wig. 

Price: $4.22 ★Rating: 4.5

For customers who desire products that dry clear.

One of the trickiest part in gluing wigs is to know when the glue is dry. 

Esha lace glue turns blue from green in color and becomes transparent when dried to indicate when the glue is ready. 

Price $16 ★Rating: 4 

BOLD HOLD  BMB Super Lace Glue
For oily skin that requires strong hold.

It dries completely with no residue, and its strong hold is ideal for oily skin. 

Price $24.99 ★Rating: 4

For customers who want to wear a wig for an extended period.

It is designed for a long term (4-6 weeks) wear. If you want the wig to stay on your head for a long time, this is it. It provides easy application with a convenient brush-type applicator. 

Price $7.69 ★Rating: 3.5

Ghost Bond XL  Walker Tape Ultra Hold adhesive for lace Wig & Toupees
For customers who want products withstanding sweat and water.

This product is great for customers with heavy perspiration and living in a moist environment. It boasts strong hold that withstands exposure to water. 

Price $21.99 ★Rating: 4.5

For Customers who want to dry quickly and maintain longer. 

This Product is a lace glue from Walker Tape, which specializes in wig tapes and adhesives. It is fast drying, long maintenance and waterproof.

Price $11.52 ★Rating: 4


What should consumers consider?

It comes down to preference. Swiss and HD laces are more delicate and fragile but less identifiable as a wig. On the other hand, Soft lace is more conspicuous and unnatural while being durable. Generally, novice wig wearers should start with Soft lace because without much experience of wearing lace wigs, they can damage wig cap easily. However, customers who prefer soft and light wigs will discover HD and Swiss laces are more comfortable.

Cover Story BY BNB Magazine