The Best Way to Organize Braid Sections Neatly!

The Best Way to Organize Braid Sections Neatly!


As this time of the month, we have to prepare for the summer business. In summer, the demand for braiding hair increases, and it is time to get tired of having a variety of braiding hair products.

It is not easy to organize the braiding hair that is getting longer and longer. By the time the hairs are arranged in order by style, this time, the disorganized hair length becomes the problem. If the arrangement is not done carefully, it creates a space that can not be utilized, leading to the waste of space.


Introducing the multi-level display method used in clothing stores, to beauty supply!

Myung-Ho Han, head of Hair Depot, in Ohio, says that the “multi-level display rack” has gotten rid of this problem.

“I introduced the ‘multi-level display stand’ that is commonly used in clothing stores to the beauty supply store, and is using it. The experience of working in a clothing store helped. Clothing stores often use this. I thought it would be better to apply a multi-level display stand into beauty supply because the hair packs are so diverse in length. This multi-level display method allows you to display products regardless of length and without wasted space. Hair products actually have the color and length written on the top, did you know? The multi-level display shows just the top part to customers, and you can display other products below to save space. Not only does it look tidier, but it can display a wider variety of products. You can also hang more items out, too.”

Beauty Supply Hair Depot chairman Myung-Ho Han, who organized various lengths of products in one line

Displayed Hair Products that are Uneven in Length

Chairman Han said that if passages are wide enough, it is possible to make multi-level racks, and that the process is easier than one would think.

“Well, it’s easier to make than you thought. If you look at the gondolas that are already in use in Beauty Supply stores, most of them have holes differing in height that make them easier to assemble. All you need to do is use those holes to connect the bolts and hang the hooks and racks. If you can get standards, brackets, and hooks, anyone can make it quickly. All you need is a little effort.”

In fact, Chairman Han recommended this method to a number of acquaintances, and according to the reviews of some of the owners who actually tried it, they said that it was easy to make, and the store looked neater.


What are the things you need to make it and where do you get them?

Chairman Han said that all of the things used to create the multi-level display stand were purchased from Store Fixtures. There are four products required to make the stand: a standard bar to attach vertically to each side, a rectangular bar to hang the hook, a bracket to connect this standard bar and a rectangular bar, and a hook to hang the product.


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