Tax Return Season Items to Boost Sales

Tax Return Season Items to Boost Sales

It’s already February, the second month of the Year 2022. In retail business, the Black Friday is followed by the holiday season, and then the tax return season. Most businesses set their sales and marketing plans in accordance with the series. Generally, the tax return shopping season lasts from the mid-January to the Easter. This shopping season is also highly relevant to the beauty supply retail as you already know.

While it might be a little late to start preparing for the tax return sales now, the season does not last days but months. Hence, you should continue checking the inventory of certain items regularly.

For retail business, the tax return season is special because the sales volume during the tax return season is much larger than usual. The consumption increases both quantitatively and qualitatively, where a customer who regularly buys only a couple of items may buy more diverse items in bulk or a customer who had an eye on a specific high-priced item may make the purchase with the tax refund money. This year’s tax return season will continue to last until the Easter Sunday that falls on April 17, 2022.

Here come some of the most noticeable items that befit the occasion: natural oils, salon products, and high quality tools.


High Quality Tools

High quality tools are often purchased as gifts during the holiday season, and in the following tax return season, they return to buy for their own use. High-end trimmers and clippers such as Andis T-Outline are one of them. Especially, for past several years, cordless tools made a stride in quality and availability of options. Subsequently, the mainstream demand has shifted from corded to cordless. Although cordless products tend to a bit too expensive for non-professionals, you will see the uptick in sales during the tax return season. Some of the top sellers include high-end blow dryers and flat irons.

@CHI Touch 2 Dryer

@Red By Kiss Red Pro Silicone Protexion 1 1/2” Flat Iron

@Andis Cordless Turbo-Powered Trimmer

Salon Products

Salon exclusive products that are used by professional hairdressers tend to be on the higher end of the price range. Hence, they benefit from the tax return season more than other products. From the consumers’ viewpoint, when you receive the large sum of tax refund money, you will be wanting to buy those you desired but could not afford before.

In the past, those items were sold at specialty stores like Cosmo Prof, but many Korean-owned beauty supply businesses have secured the supply lately. As a result, consumers can buy quality items easily without visiting department stores or specialty stores, and many have done so. Although the procurement of enough supply had been a struggle, many wholesalers are improving distribution channels and supply chains, making them easier to carry than ever.


Natural oils

In old times, people thought about how to survive whereas now people have luxury to think about what to do and how to do it. As such, today’s trend in beauty calls for better quality, eco-friendly, and safer and healthier products. While products with natural ingredients have been popular for years, natural oils are especially popular across the consumer groups and regions.

Due to the unique scent and the oily substances, some consumers might hesitate to make the first purchase. However, through the internet and social media, you can obtain a lot of information about the products and personal experiences, and many people become natural oil fans in various routes.

Due to the nature of the product, natural oils come in a small package, making it feel a bit expensive. Nonetheless, as you can more likely feel the benefit with little side effects, many consumers fall in love with them. Because one of the reasons to hesitate the purchase is the high price tag, many consumers tend to make a purchase during the tax return season.

Among the many brands of natural oils, Well’s Oil has the biggest market share.  Since its establishment in 2011, natural oil powerhouse “I Well” has made a great success. Its private label Well’s Oil offers a wide variety of oils including virtually every kind of natural oil, and the brand is expanding its reach in the beauty supply retails with a solid line of products and a reliable supply of products in response to the explosive increase in demand.

IWell Trade Inc. PERFECX OIL


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