SVP James Bronner Interview

SVP James Bronner Interview

Bronner Bros show undoubtedly provided a great joy for everyone with various events and energized atmosphere. What’s the secret behind the successful show? We sat down with Senior Vice President James Bronner for an interview. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

Q. This show looks quite successful again. What’s new compared to the previous one?

2022 Bronner Bros is a comeback from two years of the hiatus due to the pandemic. We’ve been all locked up and frustrated, and we’re just getting back to our normal life. To quench the thirst, we made serious effort. We relocated to Miami leaving Atlanta because we wanted to provide some geological advantage to companies who could not participate in previous events due to the physical distance. Thanks to that, companies like Andis, Bold Hold, and Salon Central could participate this year. We are consistently working hard to increase the number of participants. Our employees are making numerous visits to companies and salons. To make a show successful, it is important to keep up with the show’s reputation. A constant relationship is a must.

Q. What’s the key objectives of the show?

Education, inspiration, networking, and product deals. We also focused on reconnecting because this year’s show was the first event after the pandemic. Revitalizing weakened network due to various reasons was at the center of the event. This show offered various workshops and seminars, embracing diverse culture. Hair battle and concours can showcase highly skilled beauticians, and we provided a forum to talk about the social media presence and its ever-increasing importance, starting and expanding business successfully, and so on. We believe this year’s event was a great reboot of Bronner Bros which will come back next August in New Orleans. We hope to establish Bronner Bros as the most innovative and creative event in the industry, and we want to inspire people and provide new opportunities.

Q. How do you forecast the future of beauty supply?

Through the unprecedented time during Covid-19, people realized the importance of health. I believe more and more people will try to find natural products for well-being. So, natural care market should grow in coming years. Another thing is the wave of male products. I expect more men to grow interest in grooming. We have many male product vendors in the event hall. Beauty is not solely for women nowadays. I believe natural care and men’s product will lead the market in coming years. According to Global Beauty Alliance, hiring for beauticians and likes will increase by 19% from 2020 to 2030. I believe the beauty industry will keep going. I’m optimistic.


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