Stylish Back-to-School Hair Styles

There is no rule that boys should not be interested in hairstyles. Rather, boys should actually pay more attention to hair to cre-ate a more handsome and clean image. Looks that work for both vacation and back to school styles have been compiled below.


Tight curls locked close to the scalp with fades on both sides of the head for a clean finish. This may be a basic style for males but it is the most clean and easy-to-manage style. The front can be cleaned and shaped with a razor.


This Mohawk style can be enjoyed by everyone. Leave the hair long from top to bottom and shave the sides respectively. This style works on everyone regardless of the hair texture.


This style is suitable for children who have straight hair rather than curly hair. Make a hair part after using gel to raise the hair. Arrange the sides of the head with a fade.


The hottest style on instagram nowadays. Keep the hair long on the top part of the hair almost as if it’s naturally messy. The sides are arranged with a fade. Loose curls are better for this hairstyle than tight curls.


A hairstyle that was famous in the 80’s movies are making a comeback. This style is suitable for boys with very tight curls and is perfect regardless of the season or location. Keep the top part of the head organized for a clean look.


A heartbeat design added to an ordinary mohawk style for a unique-ness. The sides are neatly finished with a fade. In addition to the heartbeat design, a variety of shapes can be used for this hairstyle.


An ordinary hairstyle that can become trendy with different colors. This style is suitable for long, dry curls rather than tight, short curls. This style is finished with fades on the side.


The hottest trend this summer. Use hair gel to keep the long curls of the top part of the head from getting messy. This is a natural hairstyle that looks like it’s been blown in the wind, thus its name: blowout hairstyle. Add a design to the sides of a fade


This may be the most neat and simple style, but it still gives off an edgy and organized look. Add a detailed design with a razor to the forehead for the finished look.


Cornrows are the easiest to manage and maintain. Give the braids a slight variation for the perfect styling. Keep it clean with a neat fade.

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