Styling Your Baby Hairs

Styling Your Baby Hairs

Baby hairs are often something that you need to tame with hair gel for a clean look, but now laying the baby hairs in style have become a trend. You can have an overall tidy look by simply styling baby hairs thoroughly. Depending on how much hair you use for styling and what kind of pattern you form, you will create various styles with dramatic changes. On F/W runways, many models cat-walked wearing even bolder styles of baby hairs, and famous pop singers like Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Beyoncé are also increasingly emphasizing baby hair looks.

Laying the edges became a trend

Regardless of your hairdo, you can do a unique style with your baby hairs and express your personality. If you want to wear a classic hairdo but want to have a modern touch, you need to pay attention to styling your baby hairs.

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How do you lay the edges?

You can buy special tools that look like a mascara but designed for baby hairs. Their teeth are made of silicone and enable you to comb individual baby hair delicately to create curls. After applying hair gel with a toothbrush-shaped comb, you use the special brush to form patterns on your forehead with baby hairs. To keep the baby hairs laid, you apply hot air with a hair dryer while combing the baby hairs with a fine-tooth comb. After finishing, you can fix the baby hairs with a hair gel or other products.

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Styling tips for your baby hairs

Don’t forget to start with wet hair when it comes to styling baby hairs. They are much easier to deal with when wet. If you don’t have a special comb for baby hairs, you can use a clean, unused toothbrush instead. For a hair gel, look for low oil and high water content with little alcohol to ensure a good result. After grabbing an edge control product of your choice, apply a small amount on a toothbrush and practice the curves and waves needed for a desired look.

What hairdos go well with them?

The best companion hairdos for your edges will be a high ponytail, a high puff, or a high bun style. You can also try various cornrows and braiding that go well with styled baby hairs.

Step-by-step guide to laying your edges

Spray with water

To style baby hairs, it is best to start with an overall wet hair, but you can simply spray some water on the edges.

Set up with a hair dryer

Use your index and middle fingers to press your wet baby hairs onto the forehead in the direction and shape you desire. Baby hairs will dry very quickly, so be careful not to apply heat for too long. Generally, keep it less than three seconds.

Use your toothbrush

If you only use your fingertips, it is hard to create a desired look. A toothbrush can help creating a detailed look. After applying a styling product, lightly brush over the hairline with the toothbrush to tidy up the hairs.

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Finish with a hair spray

After working on your baby hairs, you need to fix them with a hair spray. Do not overload the baby hairs with the spray. Evenly distribute a moderate amount.

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