Strong Contender for Summer’s Hit List: Braids

Strong Contender for Summer’s Hit List: Braids

Braid is one of the most suitable styles to maximize African American female’s beauty. Braids hairstyles not only keep African American women’s hair healthy but also reduce the use of harsh chemicals which in turn help protect the environment. Elegant and trendy, this versatile hairstyle is likely trending in this Summer, so let’s find more about braiding hair.


1. Simple and neat up-dos

Up-dos require very low maintenance and go well with people of all ages. Especially, in hot summer days, the neat and clean look gives cool sensation. You can see how the blonde extensions added elegance to the look in the photo.

Instagram @_lavidarosa_

2. Unexpected charm: mix and match

You can try this styling technique with middle-length hair. You mix and match your hair and braids to blend in naturally. You want to trim the lengths to look natural.

Instagram @Tasha Miles


3. Chunky braiding

It is a far more trendy look when you go thicker than usual braids. This low maintenance, easy style gives off a youth and cheerful mood. As shown in the photo, you should try at least once for this summer, using blonde or other bright colors.

Instagram @tasalahq


4. Lively Afro updo

Twist braiding technique for the simple front and bright-colored Afro Curl for the lively back. Trimmed edge of the forehead and short Afro curl instead of lengthier hair will work great for the summer.

Instagram @coconutandconcrete


5. Refreshed cornrow

The basic of the basics of braiding is cornrow. Instead of a single pattern, you style it with various patterns in different thickness. This simple and trendy cornrow style is one of the easiest style you can try for summer andbrings about a unique and personality-revealing style.

Instagram @hair_by_sarzy


6. Bling-bling gold accessories

Choosing a right accessory for braids can create an exotic atmosphere. In the photo, tribal braids with gold color strands completed a fashionable mix and match. Create a unique style with various colors of strands of your choice.

instagram @zumbahairbeauty


7. Black and white braids

Starting with a braid or cornrow at the scalp, you can use various colors of extensions to braid all the way down for a distinct style. In the photo, the white and black colors created a polished look.

Instagram @cachell_courtney


8. Braids for summer

Tightly braided hair creates a sophisticated and neat look, but in summer, thick and big braids are cooler and fashionable. The bottom of braids have curls for a lively look, and various accessories and extensions in different colors or textures can reveal your personality.

Instagram @naturally_curla


9. Summer styling with color

Bright colors like blonde and white to create an elongated cornrow braid may complete a refined and glamorous summer style without much decoration or style. The light-colored scarf adds an extra point to create a trendy style.

Instagram @keketso.mthethwa


10. Half braids

Instead of braiding your entire hair, you can braid only the half of it to create a distinctive look.  The beach-inspired hair accessories and curls boosts the summer mood.

Instgram @Romance


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