SANITEX, Game Changer in the Braid Market in 2021?

Can SANITEX be a Game Changer in the Braid Market in 2021?

Innovative Braid Fiber in the Shape of a Fan!
Laflare’s SANITEX® Pre-Stretched Braid

Nobody has seen this type of fiber before the dawn of 2021. The evaluation of the braid market for the first impression of this product is practically a 10 out of 10. This innovative fiber was developed in Korea after two years of hard work, and Laflare recently introduced it to the market
Made with creative and original technology, the fiber’s kinky yaki texture is very similar to Africans’ hair, and is light, soft, and easy to braid. As can be seen from the name SANITEX, a compound word for Sanitizer + Texture, this new fiber also contains sterile ingredients.

All of the beauty industry workers, including beauty salons who encountered SANITEX’s test samples, responded hotly. Laflare said, “The first and second orders have already been sold out,” even though the product has not yet arrived. BNB introduces detailed features and market reactions of this new product at the time of the SANITEX launch.



The biggest difference between SANITEX and other braid fibers is that the unique cross-sectional shape of the fiber destroys common sense. The cross section of the existing fiber (photo 1) is usually of a circular structure, while the cross section of the SANITEX fiber (photo 2) is unusually like an electrical fan blade.

Then, what are the advantages of making the fiber’s cross-section in the shape of a fan blade? Laflare shared its key advantages:

Silky but strong
First of all, the fiber feels very soft. This is probably because the fiber structure contains a space that feels fluffy, and friction on the hand is reduced. The fiber feels soft, but if you braid it, it is easily done and made tight due to the structure. In other words, it is braided firmly without much effort and lasts long, too.

Light but big volume
In addition, the fan blade-shaped fiber provides excellent volume and lightness. It looks 15% richer than other fibers of the same weight. Therefore, it is possible to style the entire head with relatively little weight.

Minimize finger pain
The fiber structure with a soft touch and low friction significantly reduces finger pain, which is common during braiding.

No tangling when braiding
As mentioned earlier, the pinwheel shape has the effect of lowering the coefficient of friction because the contact area between the fibers is small. Less friction between fibers reduces static electricity and reduces tangling during braiding. Braiding is done a lot easier because it doesn’t get tangled easily.

Easy Locking
SANITEX’s pinwheel-shaped fiber cross-section, along with a yaki texture that is closest to the natural black hair, makes the end of the braid clean and locking effortless.

Quick Hot Water Setting
In the case of Hot Water Setting, the structure of the fiber becomes loose due to hot water, but SANITEX also has the advantage of easy and quick setting because it maximizes the area in contact with hot water.

Looks just like natural hair with the “diffuse reflection” of light
Lastly, one of SANITEX’s indispensable pride of having a unique fiber structure is that it reduces light reflection and deepens the depth of color to enhance the natural look.

The feeling of the fiber visible to our eyes is closely related to how the light projected onto the fiber surface is refracted and reflected. Since the circular fibers have a relatively large area where light is immediately “specular reflected”, they may look glossy and reveal the feeling of artificial hair. On the other hand, SANITEX absorbs a significant amount of light, thus it does not feel much different from natural hair due to less visual gloss.



Contains sterilizing ingredients
SANITEX says that in the fiber production process, sterile ingredients (copper and silver) are incorporated into the fiber, making it possible to permanently kill bacteria. As shown in the picture below, the 99.9% sterilization effect was proven in a bacteria test by a reputable verification agency.

Itch Free
SANITEX fiber with a sterilization function shows excellent effect in reducing itchiness caused by bacteria.

Suitable for the COVID-19 pandemic
It is a product that can address increased consumer concerns about hygiene due to COVID-19.


Cost-effective product pack with ample amount

In general, it is said that the weight of the braid required for one person’s styling is about 450g~480g. The SANITEX braid is 85g per bundle, the 3X bundle pack is 255g, and the 6X bundle pack is 510g, providing enough product weight to be used in one pack. Laflare said, “Unlike the products that reduce the weight and lower the price, it is a reasonable price, but we are competing with sufficient weight and high quality.” It is expected to receive a high evaluation in terms of cost-performance because it has sufficient weight and excellent volume of the fiber itself, as well as reasonable price.



SANITEX experience review from the beauty industry

In order to see if the advantages of SANITEX can really receive a high evaluation in the market, BNB Magazine listened to honest product reviews from the beauty supply manager and beauty industry professionals who are in contact with various braid products every day.


<Review 1> Memphis Beauty Plaza Manager Seo Ki-cheon

General review
 “It seems to have a certain touch and strength that black consumers will like.”
“Compared to other textures, it is quite kinky and has a good curl at the end. It’s probably because of the fiber’s fan-shaped cross section.”
“It’s soft to touch, but I can tell that the fiber itself is tough.”
“Perhaps because the fiber is not clumped and there is a gap between them, it looks light and soft. But it feels like there’s more volume.”
“It seems to be weak against fire and water. I don’t think it’s a very important issue.”


<Review 2> Reviews of Beautician Jordan

General review
“It’s a product that can get a high score. I would like to recommend it to other braiders, and I would like to buy this product again.”
“It’s very soft, but at the same time, it’s strong and it feels good. I can do all kinds of braids without getting it tangled, too.”
“The hair in one bundle is enough to make a hairstyle that requires lots of fiber, and there still would be some left.”
“I haven’t tried it in hot water yet, so I can’t tell if it’s good in hot water.”


<Review 3> Reviews of Beautician Jenelle

General review
“SANITEX will be the game changer of the braiding world.”
“I particularly like that it is a product that can last for a long time with antibacterial function during the COVID-19 period.”
NO Tangles
“No tangles. Also, even when set with hot water, it dries quickly and was easy to work with.”
Light Braids
“It’s super light. You can braid box braids, lemonade braids and a variety of other trendy braids to your heart’s content.”
NO finger pains
“It’s super soft and natural, so even after hours of working, my fingers didn’t hurt.”
“The biggest thing I have noticed is that there is so much volume, you can recognize it at a glance.”


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