Rihanna’s ambition for hair market

Rihanna’s ambition for hair market

Fenty Hair applied for trademark registration

Rihanna’s Fenty brand has established itself quickly in the beauty market like a thunder, launching right in Sephora, and that Fenty moves on to the hair market. According to the Billboard News, Roraj Trade LLC, the company that owns Fenty, has filed a trademark application for Fenty Hair on July 15th. The public record available through the United States Patent and Trademark Office shows that Fenty Hair brand is intended to be used for a variety of products including hair products, hair pins, combs, hair clips, ribbons, accessories, scrunchies, wigs, hair tools and nets.


The response to the news in social media was heated. Especially the younger female women who are Rihanna’s thickest fan base expressed enthusiastic support. A social media user said, “Fenty Hair?! Rihanna is really trying to take all my coins. Now Fenty Hair is something I can get behind!!! Rihanna has always had the best hair styles.” Others echoed the excitement and great expectations by saying, ” Rihanna has filed a trademark application for Fenty Hair, apparently”; “She is really a game changer in the cosmetic/beauty industry man”; and “Love watching the moves she makes.”

Many viewed that the name value of Rihanna will likely lead the brand to success even without trying.  Her signature hairstyles for every album have set the trend, and even her stylist has become a celebrity. Now, her entering the hair market is like taking an exam with an answering sheet in hand.


Fenty Beauty has made colors that match skin tones of African Americans available as much as those matching White women’s, and just the move alone has upended the cosmetics industry. It not only substantially boosted retail stores carrying the brand but also made Rihanna one of self-made billionaires. The businesses she has ventured so far include music, Fenty Skin, and Savage X Fenty.


Now we should talk about the real deal. Although this is all around just a trademark application, it appears that Rihanna has already performed market research. Hair market in America has been like a family business for Koreans. From Caribbean, South America to all regions of North America, from small shops to large, behind all hair brands lie the network of Koreans who put immense effort, persistence, and kind regard for each other for the business. 


What would Rihanna’s move bring to the industry? When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty, including department stores, Sephora, Ulta, and all the media welcomed Fenty Beauty and promoted the brand. Celeb marketing, social media, blogs, regardless of online or offline, articles and contents covering the launching made the big wave, and people lined up to be the first to put their hands on the hot commodities.

The release of Fenty Hair will likely be somewhat similar. For the already established business with system and network, adding a line of product can be effortless. However, the success of Fenty will be decided after the release. Especially, hair products have been a business that the big corporations cannot touch. The reason behind it was that human hair is a natural product that varies widely in quality and is impossible to quality control. However, synthetic hair is a different story. If one can procure enough fiber suitable for wig production, a mass production can be possible if adequate manufacturing techniques exist.Nonetheless, there is a doubt if they can secure suppliers capable of producing in the quality and styles expected from Rihanna. Many experienced and advanced manufacturers are already working closely with existing hair companies.

If wigs and hair pieces are sold at big retailers like Sephora, Ulta, and Macy’s, there has to be an impact on beauty supplies in the locality. In addition, hair wholesale companies and distributors will shift gears into a different business model, and aggressive marketing and promotion to steal customers from beauty supplies will come in an unprecedented scale.

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Although Fenty Hair has not released a product yet, it has long been anticipated that a big company may enter the hair market. Products that meet African American consumer’s unique needs are more and more available from big retailers and expanding their footage on display. In today’s market, it is considered a key segment to boost sales revenue. They are bulking up haircare, chemicals, and skincare products, and now they are paying attention to wigs and hair accessories.

The trademark application might be a forewarning. When we noticed the movements of Chinese online sellers and Amazon, we couldn’t do much. Let’s hope we avoid finding ourselves in a crisis but discover a way to win-win while promoting diverse and healthy beauty culture for everyone. 


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