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The Store Where Customers Want to be, Create it with Fragrance~

Among vocabulary are the words Aroma therapy, Aroma marketing and Scent marketing. This is the idea that everything is treated and associated with a fragrance. Aromatherapy and Scent marketing makes a store a place customer want to step into based on the smell. It is important that the fragrance has a lasting impact that draws customers in and creates a comfortable space that allows customers to buy what they need in peace. 


Aroma Marketing 

This is a field of sales to study the purchasing behavior associated with stimuli such as olfactory organs, brain, psychological conditions, etc. Aroma marketing is stimulating the consumer’s desire to buy a product that matches the fragrance of the store. It improves customer experience, increase sales and develop brand awareness by imprinting the smell of the store with the products.


 It is important to know which scent to choose. 

Lexus fills the customer’s lobby with the scent of chocolate chip cookies to make you feel at home. Bloomingdale’s, a department store in New York, receives favorable responses from customers in the toddler clothing section throughout their usage of baby powder, coconut or underwear scents throughout the store. Sony uses orange, vanilla or pine tree scents in their stores. 


The fact that Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year on air fresheners, candles and electric fragrances is a key indicator in how important scents are. 

Major producers of aromatics include: Newell Brands Inc., SC Johnson & Son, L Brands, Proctor & Gamble Yankee Candle, Glade, Bath & Body Works, and Febreeze. 

The representatives for plug-type electric fragrances include Reckitt Benckiser and Febreeze. They have launched an essential mist diffuser, ONE Fabric & Air mist, which stimulates the consumer’s desire to buy products. Scentsy is also one of the leading online fragrance stores that uses personal consultants to assist consumers in buying what scent is best for them. 

Fill the beauty store with a delightful scent to match the store and create a memorable space

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