Prepare to Boost Your Sales with This Guide to Summer Sunglass Trends and Sales!

Prepare to Boost Your Sales with This Guide to Summer Sunglass Trends and Sales!


Summer reminds you of strong sunlight, beaches, swimming pools, etc. In summer, sunglasses should be worn as a must in order to walk freely on the beach and pool in the harmful sunlight. In the summer, the need for sunglasses is doubled, and many consumers often look for them.

Some beauty supply goods corners have a separate sunglasses corner, which catches the eye of summer guests who just needed sunglasses. If you recommend sunglasses that are provided according to the hair color and face type of the customer, their satisfaction will rise. So what style of sunglasses will be fashionable this year, and how should one recommend them?



What styles will be in vogue in the summer of 2021?
Retro craze blowing in sunglasses, too!

Although the sunglasses handled by Beauty Supply seem to be limited and difficult to find many styles, the trend-sensitive beauty supplies have recently displayed various styles of sunglasses separately to appeal to consumers. The price range isn’t that expensive, and there are various styles being released, so store owners will have a lot to choose from.

Beauty Supply retailers in Central and Northeast USA with a variety of sunglasses

Summer sunglasses styles, which will certainly be popular this year, are the talk of the town in many professional media. The most highlighted of them are retro sunglasses styles. Some styles that stand out are Cat-eye sunglasses in the shape of a cat eye, round-rim sunglasses with large lens, and flat-shaped slim styles.  Let’s keep an eye on those styles.




Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The most trendy style. A variety of shapes, sizes and colors are available, making it easy for almost anyone to use. Even if it’s the same cat-eye style, the size or width vary, so it is best to find and recommend products that suits the face shape of the customer.




Oversized-Round Frame Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses were originally used to express uniqueness and create a retro style, but the importance of eye health has re-emerged and it become popular for eye protection. Larger lens naturally absorb more ultraviolet light to keep the eye safer, and are especially loved because it is fashionable as well.




Understated Slim Line

Slim sunglasses are at the heart of the retro craze. flat ovals and rectangles have been produced one after another, and have gained a positive response to the consumers. It is a style that is perfect for fashionistas because of its practicality in shape.




Recommended sunglasses according to face shape


The face of an ordinary person is usually square, round, rectangular, heart, diamond, or oval shaped. Most of the time, the shape of the face is determined based on the length of the cheekbones, chin, and forehead. If you know which sunglasses match which face types, it will be easier to talk to your customers about choosing sunglasses.



1. Oblong face – Thin sunglasses with big lens

Oblong faces are longer than it is wide. In most cases, the dimensions of the jawline, cheeks, and forehead are very long. These days, large sunglasses are popular, so there are plenty of sunglasses being produced that fits this face type. However, thick-rimmed sunglasses do not suit the oblong face. The soft lines on the face are emphasized only when you choose sunglasses that are thin-rimmed and have large lenses.



2. Heart shaped face – sunglasses that highlight the bottom of the lens

This face type is a reverse triangle, characterized by a fairly wide forehead and cheek size, and pointy chin. There are many people who like sunglasses because their face shape emphasizes the eyes. Thin-rimmed or rimless sunglasses with an emphasis on the bottom of the lens, such as pilot glasses or butterfly-shaped glasses, will look great.



3. Square face – Round or oval-like curved sunglasses

A square face refers to a person whose length and width of the face are almost the same. These people have almost similar measurements, with a difference of only 1 or 2 inches in face length and width. They need curved sunglasses to complement their angled and wide jawline. Also, thin-rimmed sunglasses look great, and oval, round sunglasses and pilot sunglasses suit them well also.


4. Oval Face – All sunglasses

The oval face is also called the egg-shaped face. It is characterized by a slightly wider forehead, a shorter jawline, and a longer width. Generally, the chin is round. This face type is also known as the Blessed face type. Both round and rectangular rims are good, and large lens and thick rims also look great.



5. Round face – Angled and Flat Sunglasses

It refers to people who have almost the same length and width, like the square face, but their heads are much rounder. With a rounded jawline and protruding forehead, the chin and cheeks protrude in a curved shape. Because the face is round, sunglasses like rectangles or flat ovals look good. You should choose sunglasses that makes the head look a little longer.



6. Diamond face – sunglasses which are not wider than the cheek, curved sunglasses

These people have narrow and pointy chin, narrow forehead, and big cheekbones. You should choose sunglasses that emphasize your wide cheekbones, and sunglasses with curves are perfect for that. However, the width of the sunglasses should not be wider than the cheeks, so it is the face type that should be most careful in choosing sunglasses.



Recommended sunglasses color to match hair color


Sunglasses that match face type are most critical, but color combination is important as well. The color of glasses and lenses should naturally get along with the color of skin and hair. Since Beauty Supply’s main consumers are African Americans, the customers’ colorful hairstyles make us care about the color of sunglasses once again.  What color of sunglasses will suit what hair color?



1. Light hair – Dark gray or blue, green or red

To emphasize hair color, wear black sunglasses as much as possible. If one has bright hair with cool undertones like blue or green, dark gray and blue tones will suit them, and green or red tones will suit them if one has warm tones like yellow or brown.




2. Red hair – Green or Black or White

Sunglasses in warm and cold tones are suitable, because they made their hair so eye-catching. Green is the best color if the color is vibrant, but sometimes it doesn’t fit. Black and white are basically a good combination.

3. Black hair – Black or white or dark blue

Most guests looking for sunglasses will have black hair. Sunglasses based on black hair are most widely produced, so store owners do not have to worry too much. Black hair goes well with black, bright white and dark blue.


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