Pioneer of Total Business Solution in the East

Pioneer of Total Business Solution in the East

Today’s expedition is to UI International, a company envisioning a global outreach, Inc. from Windsor Mill, Maryland. Started about ten years ago as a security firm offering essential services to beauty supply businesses, it now became a total business solution company offering multiple services based on the needs of beauty supply businesses.

The core members include Team Leader Jinwoo Jung along with Team Leader Kim and Department Head Yang, led by CEO Jiho Jung, working in perfect harmony. They are at the frontline of assisting retail business with technical difficulties using hi-tech solutions. From security measures for retail stores to HVAC Pro Service to keep everyone safe and healthy, the business is expanding.

Team Leader Jinwoo Jung has outstanding skills in computing and networking while having a HVAC Pro Senior Technician license, which makes him a top specialist in this field requiring highly specialized techniques and all-around expertise.


<Core Business of UI International>

  • SecuTags
  • EAS Antenna (RF and AM System)
  • CCTV installation and maintenance including off-site monitoring
  • Fully Customized Digital Item Boards (remotely controllable)
  • HVAC Pro
  • Window LED Light
  • Digital Door Lock/Remote Door Lock
  • Price Guns and Label
  • POS Printer Paper and Credit Card Printer Paper
  • Custom Furniture/Fixture Built On-site

SecuTags (

UI International offers installation, maintenance, repair, and management services for RF and AM type sensor detectors and EAS antennas at a discounted price, and it services other brand systems including Kotec Inc, Sensormatic, Checkpoint, and other old systems. A complete 8.2 MHz AM system typically costs you $8,000, but with UI International, you only pay three thousand and something dollars for installation. High performance EAS soft sensors in varying sizes as well as hard tags, pins, deactivators, magnetic detachers, stop lock detachers, and stop locks are just some of items in stock.

Although many companies offer professional security antenna installation, maintenance, repair as well as selling anti-theft hard tags and sticker sensors, most of them are home garage-based businesses. UI International has an office with a large warehouse space, which singles them out from the competition. Consequently, they can install and operate both AM and RF type security sensors.


CCTV installation and maintenance

UI International carries Full HD-TVI 1080P camera and DVR sets, boasting top-notch video quality. They can be installed in any desired configurations including 4-Channel, 8-Channel, 16-Channel, 32-Channel, and so on. Smartphone access to the network for a remote surveillance comes in a basic setup. Old conventional CCTV systems offer video quality that barely tell you how many customers are in the store, but UI International’s system will tell you what color number of Adore Hair product a customer is holding. Like sensor detectors, CCTV systems require regular maintenance, so you want a reliable and trustworthy company like UI International for a quick service when you needed.


Fully Customized Digital Item Boards

When you dine at a restaurant, you notice that TV screens are replacing the menus posted on the wall. More and more beauty supplies are adopting this new technology and offering business news, new products, promotional video clips, sale items, and promotions with this new P.R. System. You can program it with high quality graphic designs in addition to letters and numbers to bring elegance to your retail floor for an upgrade. The on-the-scene promotion will likely boost your sales as well. Programs designed and created by UI International showed off its graphic design prowess. The programs can be updated at anytime remotely, so you can save the time for travel to the store.



Team Leader Jinwoo Jung of UI International worked in South Korea as a HVAC Pro Senior Technician dealing with systems manufactured by major brands such as Daikin, LG, and Sanyo. Using his expert knowledge and experience around major brands in America, he is working on rooftop HVAC systems, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, and detection of refrigerant gas leaks in affiliation with Carrier, York, and Daikin for IU International’s commercial heating and refrigeration services. Trust is its top priority for on-site service, and UI International performs free system inspection when air filters are replaced. In this COVID-19 era, the importance of air filters is increasing, and UI International offers bi-annual replacement service at a low price. Regular replacement not only extends the life of HVAC system but also saves the energy cost and your health, according to Team Leader Jung.


<Free Inspection Checklist and Maintenance Report>

  • Evaporator Condition
  • Condenser Condition
  • Condenser Drain
  • Fan Belt Condition
  • Exhaust Outlet
  • Fuel Lines
  • Electrical Connections
  • Refrigerant Pressure
  • Compressor Voltage and Current

In addition, UI International offers window LED lights, digital door lock, remote door lock, price guns, tag guns, label, POS roll paper, custom furniture/fixture, and so on. Items available for shipping include hard tags, soft sensors, price guns, price labels, and POS roll papers, which can be delivered to any region in the U.S. via a nation-wide delivery system.  Team Leader Jung wanted to say, “any business who needs any type of assistance can contact UI International at any time for help.”

All members of UI International made a New Year resolution for delivering top quality service and complete customer satisfaction in every service by working together as a community. Also, the company plans to expand business in the HVAC department by investing more time and effort. Currently, UI International offers on-site service in PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, and NC, but it hopes to expand its business to other regions of the U.S. and further to other countries as denoted in its name UI International.


UI International, Inc.

2707 N. Rolling Rd. Suite 108 Windsor Mill, MD 21244
Phone 410-277-0888


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