Off-season: How to Target Summer Shoppers

Off-season: How to Target Summer Shoppers

This summer 2021, we anticipate sales and performance improvement over the prior year. As people start to meet at brunches, parties and trips, they naturally need to dress up more. You can boost sales if you can understand and satisfy their needs.

Target Hair Self-care Customers

If you were stuck with a style for two to three months, if not three to four months, you definitely want to try something new. When you want to try a new style, you first consider a quick and easy setup. It is now tougher than ever to get an appointment at a salon, so many people resort to self-care routines at home. As they watch YouTube clips and follow the steps a couple of times, they start to think it’s do-able. You can suggest a salon kit for customers who got the hang of self-styling; if you think about the service fees at salons, the cost of a kit becomes affordable. You should procure assorted salon-quality haircare products such as shears, rolls, aprons, and all kinds of pins.

Braiding Hair Rack for Easy Preparation of Hair.

Mannequin head made of cork. Mannequin clamps and different types of threads and needles.


Hair edge gels can hold hair roots

Ebin Edge Tamer

Shine’n Jam by Ampro

Edge Booster by Style Factor


You also want to carry oils that provide nutrients to the scalp stretched while braiding. They can be matched with shampoos and conditioners from the same brand or matching scents, serving as a sales booster. Olaplex is a salon product exclusively available for professional beauticians’ purchase. This popular product gained fame by word of mouth for bleaching hair without damages. If you can stock it in your store, it would certainly make your effort worthwhile.

1. Miele Scalp and Hair Oil 2. ORS Exotic Scalp Oil 3. As i AM Olive & teatree scalp care 4. ORS Teatree Oil Scalp Treatment

For customers who change hair color often, you can suggest hair bleaches to lighten their hair color, hair serums and masks to prevent hair damage from bleach, and treatments to rehydrate hair after bleaching or coloring. You want to see customers who come by for a colorant and purchase a basketful of products.

Kiss Tintation Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Adore Semi-Permanent Haircolor

Clairol BW2 Extra Strength Powder Lightener

Salon Care 40 volume creme developer

Olaplex Hair Care Set N  3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 / Olaplex is exclusively distributed to salons and authorized stylists. This popular product gained popularity through word of mouth and known for damage-less hair bleaching.


Faux locs, Goddess locs, Butterfly locs … then what about this Summer?

Protective Style Movement has maintained its stronghold for past years. This movement encourages African Americans to be proud of their natural hair instead of straightened hair using harsh relaxers. While you grow back your own hair for a natural hairstyle, protective styles help you grow a healthy length. As protective styles continued to gain popularity among many people, hair companies developed and launched crochet braids for a great success, and crochet braids has established to the point that it is now a new product category. Among many, locs with waist-length hair, Goddess locs, Butterfly locs, Twists locs and Dreadlocs made the hit list in succession. Let’s take a look at the upcoming trend for this Summer.


It’s not just a short-cut-for-Summer thing. It’s evolution. African Americans are under a lot of pressure as they are proud of their hair. They seek constantly changing styles instead of just a single makeover for their natural hair. Take a good look at various styles that can be worn while you grow your natural hair.

Braid natural hair in a desirable pattern for an easy crocheting. If braids are too tight, your scalp and edges can get easily damaged. For this reason, millennials prefer loosely braided hair. @



After a quick hairstyle with crochet, you can relax the curl for a new style. You can cut it short for a voluminous hairstyle. For a healthy growth of your hair, you don’t want to put stress on your hair with frequent cornrows, braids, and so on. While your hair grows healthy under your crochet hair, you can do locs with old braids as shown above.

In fact, many women wear twist or braid with crochet hair and then simply wrap it around with desired kinky hairs including Afro twists and Marley braids. It adds extra length to the initial crochet and covers up the untidy scalp with hair to create a tight look. You can try various Goddess locs while leaving the hair tips with desirable curls.


Turning Old Box Braids into Faux Locs

Youtube – iamEgypt [Turning my boxbraids in to faux locs]

How to Turn Your Knotless Braids into Butterfly Locs

Youtube-Vivia Chi[How to turn your knotless braid in to butterfly locs]

@ Naturally Curly

After creating a new look with locs, you can add variations such as a bun on the top. Of course, your natural hair keeps happily growing underneath the braids.

@ Naturally Curly

This is how it looks like after four years if you grow your natural hair with crochet and protective styles. It is now behind the time to say that African American cannot grow their natural hair. In the market, great products and hair care solutions are readily available. If you find a customer in doubt, maybe you can nudge her into it.


For Customers Growing Natural Hair, You Should Recommend These.

Were there any customers who kept protective style braiding for a while and started wearing their natural hair? If so, don’t forget to congratulate her and give compliment. It might be their first time wearing natural long hair. It could mean more than just a style because they grew it for years with a special care. For these customers, you can suggest protection and care products for natural hair. They will give it a hard look because growing hair wasn’t easy. You should provide tips on haircare products such as hair detanglers, curl creams, conditioners, and castor oils to nourish hair tips and the scalp to keep the long hair healthy.

Scalp care

1. Scalp Exfoliator HEETA Scalp Care Hair Brush with Soft Silicone Scalp Massager 2. Scalp Oil Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Scalp Oil 3. Scalp Mask Jupiter Foaming Volcanic Ash Scalp Purifying Mask 4. Scalp Buildup Treatment Neutrogena Anti-Residue Clarifying Shampoo

Curl care

1. Design Essentials Almond & Avocado Curling Creme 2. As I Am Twist Defining Cream 3. Earthtones Naturals Restorative Hair Mask 4. Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie 5. Eden Natural Curl Defining Creme 6. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream 7. Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream 8. Uncle Funky’s Daughter Intensive Hair Masque 9. Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream 10. Naturally Smitten Hydrating Hair Custard

Editor’s 2021 Summer Pick: Skincare Products for African American

African American’s skin is unique. With proper care, you can have a smoother, stronger skin. Under the daylight, it can outshine other skin colors. As the Summer allows a lot of skin exposure, you start paying more attention to the skin. As discussed in the previous issue, African American consumers prefer certain soaps. In addition to being drier, regeneration of new cells after shedding dead skin cells tends to be faster. Although they do not physically remove dead skin cells, they remove them and moisturize the skin with soaps and lotions. For this unique skin care routine, you can suggest specialty lines of lotions, creams, oils, in addition to soaps.

Skincare kit by Shea Moisture

Skin Transforming Kit by buttah


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