“Nothing wrong with metal and aluminum!” AM antenna at this price?

“Nothing wrong with metal and aluminum!” AM antenna at this price?

RSS (formerly ‘Dream Quest’), a company that specializes in security devices, announced that it has released a new product that can solve all the problems of store owners. It is none other than the launch of AM Antenna, which has high cost-effectiveness.
Antennas are largely divided into RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (Amplitude Modulation). The advantages and disadvantages of the two antennas are quite contrasting.


AM antenna has been neglected in the market despite its better performance

RF antennas have the disadvantage that it is impossible to detect a label attached to metal or aluminum. Therefore, there are many cases where it is impossible to detect cosmetics that are expensive and small in volume. In addition, the application range between antennas is short, so it must be installed narrowly at the entrance. For this reason, even though the store has a spacious entrance, there are many places that have narrow entrances based on the distance between antennas.
On the other hand, it is possible to detect labels attached to AM antennas or metal products without difficulty. AM antennas can be found anywhere the security label is attached to metal or aluminum. There is also an AM label for metal. The range of application is also wide, so if the entrance of the store is wide, it is possible to install a long distance between antennas.
Despite this difference in performance, RF antennas have been the winner of security systems.
Why did the majority of beauty supply owners choose RF antennas? RSS’s President Mi-jeon Kim says it’s because of the price.
“The RF antenna is relatively inexpensive. While conventional AM antennas cost an average of $3,000~4,000 each, RF could be purchased at an average of $1,000 each. And it doesn’t cost anything to install.”

One RSS’s AM antenna costs $1,400~1,500 on average

As President Kim said, AM antennas have been neglected from the market because of their price and installation cost despite their excellent performance. AM is basically 3~4 times more expensive, and the installation process is complicated, so you have to call an expert to install it, and the labor cost is about $400~500.

Dream Quest’s M6320 model is made of transparent acrylic considering the interior of the store.

RSS’s President Kim said that all of these cost issues have been resolved.
“First of all, our products are inexpensive, ranging from $1,400 to 1,600, and there is no installation cost at all. Like existing RF products, you can receive it by postal courier and use it upright. You don’t have to call someone to install it. And, I put the software on the USB and send it to the courier. Plug it into a computer or laptop in the store and you’re ready to run. With that program, you can adjust the sensor sensitivity or the loudness of the alarm when you want.”
Sometimes the alarm is too loud, or the sensor is too sensitive, making a scene in the store. All that can be adjusted at ease while running the store.
“In the past, whenever there was a problem with the AM antenna, I had to call a technician. It was the picking of stars in the sky, and even if I had a schedule, I would be caught after 6 months. These shortcomings have been completely compensated this time.”

Objects with an RF label cannot be detected, but are compatible with commonly used sensormatic.

The AM antenna cannot detect the RF label. Since the RF label is set differently from AM from the frequency, detection is impossible. Therefore, if a retail store that used RF antennas switches to AM antennas, all labels must be changed.
However, it is compatible with sensormatics commonly used in the United States. Sensormatic is the name of a company, and it is so common that people use it as a common noun on security labels these days. In the past, security system buyers had to put a label individually, but nowadays, there are many products that are released with sensormatics in the box. Expensive products such as clippers and razors usually have a sensory label inside the box.
“Sensormetic is the most commonly used security label in the United States. Since the frequency is the same, it is possible to detect the sensormatic label with the AM antenna. You can think of it as possible to detect anything that has already been labeled from the factory.”

The low-cost, easy-to-maintain RSS AM antenna can be ordered from the official RSS website (www.retailsecuritystore.com) or by phone (213-744-1201).

RSS AM antenna installed in a store


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