New Trend in Hair Extension: Tape-In Extension

New Trend in Hair Extension:

Tape-In Extension

Covid-19 made a lingering impact on people, who are more willing to do their hair at home and make that look natural. In response to this, the hair extension market is embracing a new trend, the tape-in extensions. Prior to the recent development, tape-in extensions were exclusively available for people with straight hair, but many tape-in extensions designed to be worn by people with textured hair are arriving for the beauty supply customers. Knowing new product features and selling points are prerequisites to run a successful beauty supply business.

What are tape-in extensions?

Taped near the hair roots, they can add volume and length, typically for 6-12 weeks. People with thinning hair can benefit from the luxurious volume and lengthening effect, and people with thick hair can enjoy the sophisticated and natural-looking style, hard to find in wigs and bundle hairs. Preventing pain or hair damage commonly associated with hair extension procedure is another benefit.

Why tape-in extensions are trending?
  • No damage to hair.
  • DIY application and removal at home.
  • Taped within your own hair, rendering a sophisticated and natural look.
  • Various style options from ponytail to buns, half-up-half-down, and French braid.
  • Except for generic online products, most tape-ins are made of human hair, which can be styled with heat tools.
  • Less time-consuming application.
  • Thin and lightweight, making it pain-free and comfortable in bed.
  • Reusable with a new tape as long as well maintained.
  • Length can be adjusted per each divided section, minimizing the need of a haircut after an extension procedure.
  • Partial application possible if desired. e.g. extending bang hair only
Things to know before selling tape-in extensions

Providing correct and appropriate information for viral products like tape-in extensions is essential especially for encouraging repeat purchase. Preparations should include shampooing and drying hair thoroughly before the application.

Shampooing: once or twice a week preferably with products that do not contain oils, alcohol, and ethanol, which can weaken the adhesive. Sulfate-free or 100% natural ingredient products can help a lasting look. Otherwise, you can simply use dry shampoos.

Brushing: extensions are attached to your own hair, so you should hold the top of your head while brushing, preferably using hair extension brushes.

Hair texture maintenance: you can apply heat to human hair, but excessive hair can be damaging. Use heat protectants before applying heat. Once a week, hair mask can be applied from the middle to the end of the hair for replenishing moisture.

Dealing with customer complaints like a pro
  1. I’m suffering from hair loss due to the tape.

Humans naturally shed 50 to 100 hair strands a day. Inevitably, you will see a small amount of hair sticking to the tape adhesive after removing the extensions. This is totally normal, and it does not mean hair loss caused by hair extensions.

  1. It’s a bit pricier than online.

Most generic products currently sold online are not made of human hair, and the adhesive in the tapes will not last and can cause damage to the hair or scalp. Products available at beauty supplies are made of medical grade tapes and removers and of 100% human hair.

  1. The tape does not stick.

Many African Americans use oils on hair or scalp. Oils can weaken the adhesive in the tape, so one can complain about weak bonding while others think the products are just fine. You should give them a warning beforehand about oils, sauna, and swimming, that can weaken the bond. Make sure replacement tapes and removers are in stock.

Tape-in Extension Styles on YouTube
  1. Straight/Yaki texture


made various ponytails with bang styles including high bun, half up half down, French braid, and low ponytail, using 2 packs of 20″ Light Yaki textured tape-ins.

@Lynsey Anastasia

completed a voluminous and natural-looking look with medium length hair using 22″ Yaki textured hair and 120 pieces of tape (approximately 300g).


  1. Jerry curl texture

@Lovely Bryana

styled with 2 packs of 20″ Jerry curl textured bundle at armpit length. Jerry curl is the most natural texture for 3B/3C type hair.


  1. Deep wave texture

@Chaka Starkes

In the before pic, you can see thin hair. 3 packs of 22″ Deep wave textured bundle added volume and length to the style. Deep wave is the go-to products creating dramatic effect if your customer is suffering from thinning hair.

  1. Kinky texture

@Kinzey Rae

styled 18″ Kinky textured extension with 40 pieces of tape (approximately 100g) at shoulder length.

Point colors

@Mirella Manelli

@Dramaqueen Destiny

Choose an extension in a point color for a unique two-tone hairstyle without dying hair.

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