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Beauty Plaza Memphis, TN

A favorite travel spot for music fans, home to country music, blues, and rock N roll, Memphis lies alongside the Mississippi River near the western border of Tennessee. Also known for housing head-quarter of FedEx, Memphis night sky shines with cargo aircraft flying across every day. With these geographical advantages at hand, Mr. Lee had made bold investments and continues to strategically manage his business. “Who could’ve predicted that Hollywood video stores would be replaced by Net-flix.” Mr. Lee emphasized the unpredict-ability of market with a fast turnover rate. It’s crucial for beauty supply to forecast the trend and stay ahead in the field that is driven by the price competition that becomes fiercer by the day. “I’ve invested in upgrading the interior for our customers who enjoy the luxuri-ous shopping experience. Many of our customers absolutely loved the newly added fixtures inside!” Mr. Lee joyfully shared a recent update to his store. Beauty Plaza is located in a neighbor-hood with middle-class customers. Higher-priced elec-tronics are treated like any other item in store when it comes to displaying them. Lee leaves these expensive items out on the shelves instead of behind the glasses tobring them closer to the customers and boost the sales. He also focuses on improving customer service by up-dating the interior and adding African American clerks who can approach the customers in a more personal manner. Mr. Lee allows not even the smallest dispute with his customers. His employees are taught to let go of petty incidents.


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1. Wig Section with a special feature -Drawers behind the mannequin heads hold displayed items for customers convenience. One of the benefits of installing new fixtures.
2. Edge controls are placed under the counter. Because it’s one of the best-selling items, edge control products are placed near the register for customers to easily spot. Glue and oil products are also thoughtfully displayed.
3. Similar cosmetic items are also grouped together for customers to easily browse through. Skincare, concealer, lip gloss all have separate sections. Customers are more satisfied when the products are sorted by category, not by brands.
4. Maintaining the carts clean is also the key. They are wiped every day.
5. Aisle width is more spacious; widths were expanded from 3.5 ft to 5 ft for customers to shop at leisure.
6. Display racks stand 8 ft high to minimize traffic inside.
7. Discounted and promotional items placed at the center of the store.


“Since my kids are all grown up and on their own, I spend my morning to talk a short walk with my wife.” Mr. Lee says that a short conversation with his employees about their family, personal life, and the business keeps me energized through-out the day. “Beauty supply was my life saver” Mr. Lee shares as he re-calls how he started the beauty supply business almost 35 years ago without a single knowledge about hair care. His friends would visit to give advice and even order some items, even though they half-jokingly complain about it. “At that time, my knowledge of hair was limited to types of curly hair: kinky, silky, and wavy. Then I was introduced to some KISS products. African American employees also dili-gently worked to help out. Some of the clerks from the early years are still with us!” Mr. Lee smiles as he looks back at the history of Beauty Plaza. Of course, not all days were sunny. Making mistakes like taking over a store only after 2 days of inspection, became life’s small and large turning point.


“Nothing has been achieved on my own. Without the help of my family and friends, I could not be where I am today. In the end, every cloud has a silver lining.” He learned from his experience that price deduction is not always the best way to combat competition, and meaningful investment will pay off in the long run. Mr. Lee, who wishes to diligently work the store as long as his condition allows, added these words as the interview wrapped up. “Considering the market situation, I think it’s time to focus more on learning from fellow retailers and developing your store’s own specialty is optimal rather than profit-driven store management.”

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