New breed of lace front wig: glueless wigs

New breed of lace front wig: glueless wigs

Glueless wigs are a relatively new kind of lace front wig. As its name suggests, glueless wigs do not require glues or any kind of adhesives to secure them on head. Would the arrival of glueless wigs open a new chapter for lace front wig?

Glueless wigs. How are they different?

Glueless wigs have a highly stretchy elastic band on the back, and the front lace is also made of a durable elastic material, resulting in a tight fit over a scalp. Using a high quality, transparent lace on the front, the wigs can blend into the hairline and the scalp, which is the main characteristic of the glueless wigs. Hence, most glueless lace front wigs have carefully hand-planted baby hair on the front. Also, a clip or a small comb that is fabricated in minute details is incorporated inside the wigs for a secure fit.

Saving time and effort, and you will love the practicality

The biggest advantage of the glueless wigs is avoiding damages to your hair and scalp associated with tapes or glues, and at night, you can easily take them off to avoid tangling of wig hair. It lets your hair and scalp breathe freely, resulting in healthier hair and scalp in the end. Also, you can avoid harsh removers for hair glues. One of the common worries about glueless wigs is that they might slip or fall off easily. However, glueless wigs are designed to stay on without adhesive, so you need not worry so much. If you are still not convinced, you can make cornrows with your hair before wearing the glueless wigs so that a small comb inside the glueless wig can be securely attached to the tightly braided hair.

A video explaining how to wear a glueless lace front wig and look naturalⓒTymarrahGi Youtube

Glueless wigs are not for you if…

Nothing is perfect. Although glueless wigs sound out-of-the-world good, they might not work for certain people. Like any other lace front wigs, glueless wigs are not appropriate for ponytail styles that require pulling hair quite hard. If you plan to enjoy an intense workout or outdoor activities, glueless application poses inherent risk for wigs falling off. Also, if you are not already familiar with lace front wigs, wearing glueless wigs might result in damages to your hairline or less than optimal styles due to the lack of knowledge and experience. If you are not familiar with lace front or it is your first time trying gluesless wigs, you should seek a professional hairstylist.


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