‘Natural Look’ for the coming Spring

‘Natural Look’ for the coming Spring

Customers are no longer obsessed with straightening their curly hair with chemicals. African American women are embracing their natural look with twist or box braids and these fashion statements are quickly spreading on the streets or social media. Hair market targeting these types of customers are focusing more on promoting protective styles or vibrantly colored wigs. Well-known black hair stylists are forecasting spring style trends for this year.

1. Braid Bob Style

Braid Bob is a simple yet feminine style that will likely win customers’ hearts. Edge control is the key to this style, to finish off the sleek and trimmed look of a bob style. Short bob and below-waist long braiding style will be in demand simultaneously. Add small accessories like ribbon or pearl for a more trendy spring look.

2. Shorter and even shorter

Tapered Cut is no longer restricted just to men. It’ll make its way to women’s hairstyles this spring. Zozibini Tunzi, most recent Miss Universe who has become the African American beauty standard, introduced her short-cut style with extremely short side and back while front hair is gelled upward. This style is simple and can reduce the amount of time and cost that goes into maintaining a hairstyle. To keep the style in shape, customers need to trim the hair on average every 7 to 14 days. This style can be easily recreated with the help from foam sponge available at beauty supply stores and styling mousse.

3. Ponytail with varying height

High up or low tie ponytail will also be trending for spring season. Rather than wearing  separate ponytail pieces. People prefer to use their own hair to tie up  and use wax to keep the curly hair in place. If one prefers buying pre-made ponytail hair pieces, choosing the right curl that best matches the natural texture is the key. Tail can be braided or simple hair accessories can be used to boost the style. Longer the better when it comes to ponytail.

4. Unique Accessories

Trendy hair accessories shown, including romantic yet chic pearl clip

80’s retro style will continue to lead the trend according to well-known hair stylists. Different twists on hair accessories will  continue to be in demand. Bright colors, pearl ornaments, denim, and accessories with less common materials will be favored this season. Practicality of simple styles that let you shine without trying too hard is what customers are attracted to.

After Pantone announced blue as the Color of the Year 2020, a number of new fashion and hair items in blue shades appear in the market. If dyeing the entire hair in blue is overwhelming, customers have the option to temporarily try on the new color with semi permanent coloring or get a wig in the same color. Not only blue, but other springy, bright colors are also popular.

5. Natural curl boosted with chic blue dye

Hair Trend  BY Joo Park
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