Natural Hair Care Still Big In Hair Industry

Natural Hair Care Still Big In Hair Industry

Natural ingredients are popular along with protective styles

Natural hair care market continues to grow as African American women shifted their focus from chemically modifying their weak and easy-to-break hair texture to obtain bouncy texture to maintaining healthy hair.

According to a research by Verified Market Research, which analyzes market trends, the natural hair care market is valued at $8.3 billion in 2019, and 4.51% growth is anticipated from 2020 to 2027, which means $11.84 billion value by 2027.

The natural hair movement actually started in the 1960s. The movement empowered African American women to love their inherited characteristics and embrace the beauty. People like Angela Davis, Elaine Brown, and Bobby Seale motivated oppressed African American women to rise up, and the movement lasted for generations until now. Especially, Black Lives Matter civil rights movement of 2020 has caused another surge of the natural hair movement.

African American women who focused on using relaxers to straighten their hair have suffered from dandruff, hair loss, and dry hair. In Particular, prolonged exposure to synthetic chemicals in hair care products can cause dermatitis in the scalp along with many serious side effects. Despite all those, African American women could not full-heartedly participate in the movement because their natural hair structure hinders healthy growth and requires high maintenance.

Beauty industry is addressing these issues by bringing products made of organic ingredients without harsh chemicals like paraben, silicone, and petroleum. These natural ingredient-based organic shampoos and hair oils can strengthen hair and help hair growth. Antioxidants like Vitamin E can inhibit oxidation and improve hair and scalp health, oils extracted from herbs, and shampoos can detangle hair and strengthen hair strands.

So called protective hairstyles can shield hair from external stimulants such as chemicals, and transparent laces that reveal scalp are popular. Here is a list of natural hair products you can recommend to beauty supply customers.


1. Ebin NY’s Finish Curl Line

Natural hair care line incorporating Brazilian avocado and manuka honey ingredients. Avocado’s natural moisture hydrates curls and reduces dryness in hair. Manuka honey’s moisturizing effect prevents hair damages and adds glow to curls. Suitable for all hair types and curl patterns, and available in a buildable collection you can apply step-by-step.

S2F Curl Pudding, 8oz/ 226ml

A light pudding gel-type product that defines bouncy curls and maintains a natural glow. Apply the product onto the entire hair from roots to tips, preferably, when hair is wet.

S2f Curl Milk, 8oz/ 236ml

A soft lotion-type product that re-moisturizes curls and defines bouncy curls. Apply to wet or dry hair from roots to tips.

S2f Curl Activator, S2f Curl Activator

A soft spray-type product that immediately defines soft and bouncy curls. Excellent moisture retention keeps hydrating curls. Simply spray on a desired area.


2. Beauty Element’s Soprano HH TRiO brazilian remi bundle and HH Brazilian remi (4×4) lace closure

It brings about soft, healthy, and full hair, easy to comb and maintain, making it suitable to use with weaving. Becoming increasingly popular because it can be used to make quick natural parting and create your own custom wig. HD transparent lace reveals wearer’s scalp.

HH Brazilian Remi(4×4) Lace Closure

Soprano HH Trio Brazilian Remi Bundle


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