Music flows inside to move consumer’s heart

Music flows inside to move consumer’s heart



Have you ever imagined a movie without any background music? There are parody videos on YouTube that edit clips from film and removes all music used in the scenes. The absence of music diminish intensity of emotions. Same goes for TV series without music.Enchanting moments of romantic scenes will become tasteless. Cafes and restaurants without music? Dull space with only noise filling the void.

Music Therapy and Music Marketing is now widely used terms. Music became a medium not only to soothe the patients psychologically disturbed, but also to promote products in business. Music Marketing is a type of business strategy that utilizes background music to influence customer’s consumption pattern. Positivity conveyed through music can lead to growth in sales. Music lightens up the mood inside with its electrifying sound, harmony, beat, rhythm and tempo. Scent is another medium often employed by business for marketing purposes, but its approach to customers vastly differs from that of music. Use of instrument, words from lyrics, loudness of music not only moves heart but make consumers naturally sway to the beat.

Collection of music suitable for retails are available online, which validates the impact that music marketing has on retail businesses. Retail store music is not limited to food and clothing store. Departmentstore, bank, hospital, and even public offices use music as a marketing tool. Top music marketing brands in US the Muzak, Readytune in London, Deutsche Phillipis in Germany, and Style Music in Korea. Muazk, founded in 1934, provided catered music collection for Saks Fifth Avenue, Aveda, DKNY, and other well-known brands. Starbucks work with Hear Music to carefully select songs for their stores. The company releases Starbucks edition albums to share and reinforce brand story with unique selection of music.

Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Play Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Shazam, Pandora, iHeartRadio are of many music smartphone app that specializes in music streaming. These services allow users to stream music for hours from carefully selected library filled with same genre songs. Bluetooth enabled wireless speakers and AI speakers with voice command are also available as marketing tools.

Majority of the customers visiting beauty supply stores are African American looking for hair products. Their taste in music tend to lean towards Hip-hop, R&B, Blues, and Jazz. These genres of music will add groove to the customer’s gesture and help them enjoy themselves in store, which is the essence of music marketing.

We suggest have your own stores come to life with your unique selection of music that will touch customer’s heart. Your store will become a memorable place that everyone wants to stay in and revisit to enjoy joyous atmosphere.

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