Mid-South Beauty Merchandising Ultimate…

Mid-South Beauty Merchandising Ultimate Women’s Expo

Beauty Platform, an expo for one-stop shopping
Expo participants, free makeup, seminars and various events are prepared. The Atlanta Ultimate Women’s Expo took place at the World Congress Center in Georgia on June 1st and 2nd. “Get refreshed, recharged and rejuvenated!” being the motto for the summer, visitors who attended the event on the first weekend of June were full of smiles and laughter starting at the entrance. In particular, visitors who brought their children on summer vacation participated in various ac-tivities such as crafts, or making their own jew-elry. In addition, there were long lines for glitter makeup or eyelash booths, but it was evident that customers were enjoying their time. “An event where grandma, mom and daughter can spend quality time together to deepen the sisterhood” was said to organizers when ex-plaining the event. “Even just thinking about it makes me ener-
gized,” “a show to strengthen networking,” “a place to explore new oils and shea butter as well as getting samples at a great price” were some of the positive impressions from the Expo. Through this year’s expo, chemical products that black consumers use were identified. CBD oils and pain eliminators seemed to be more noticeable. Furthermore, “Cash and Carry” showed that consumers were really busy for two days with the many products at discount-ed prices and it was also said that the next show will be highly anticipated.

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