Meet YouTuber Lia Lavon, a Crochet Expert With the Best Information.

Meet YouTuber Lia Lavon, a Crochet Expert With the Best Information.

Another Ambassador of Golden State Imports, Lia Laven’s Success Strategy

Usually, product reviews from beauty influencers are nothing more than a formality. This is because they are sponsored with a product they don’t even normally use, so their reviews are mostly just for showing off. Some influencers even remove the product from their hair as soon as their product review video ends.
Lia, the operator of the rapidly growing YouTube channel Lia Lavon, is gaining huge popularity from subscribers with reviews that are different from the others. She actually tells subscribers about the pros and cons she felt while wearing hair products for weeks, and even swims with them on. Not long ago, BNB met Lia, who became an influencer with more than 100,000 subscribers.


Please Introduce Yourself to BNB Readers

Hi! My name is Lia Lavon, and I am a YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel with more than 100,000 subscribers. I mainly make content introducing crochet hair to people. Unlike the usual YouTube platforms, which just shows them wearing products, I wear it myself for a few weeks and give subscribers important information about how well the style lasts, etc. This July will be the 5th anniversary since I started my Youtube hair contents. I am grateful to my subscribers around the world.
In her latest video, “Rastafri Dream Romance Curl Crochet Hair Review,” one can take a glimpse into her product review style.

A Few Moments Later: “I’m wearing it now, and it’s very easy to apply and it’s done very quickly. What I felt was that it was light. You can see that the volume is still the same, right? I think it’ll be comfortable in the future as well!” One Week Later: “The best thing I felt after wearing it for a week is that this product is not affected by water at all. I’m going to wear this hair to vacation. Seriously! I’m sure there will be no problem doing activities and swimming!”


How do You Select the Hair Products You Want to Introduce?

I love innovative hair products. Places that try new things. For example, in the case of GSI, they release various products every time. They try things most hair companies do not. I think it provides consumers with a variety of options in terms of color and style. When many brands focus on general colors such as 1, 1B and 2, GSI produces a variety of colors, or releases a product with the right mix of the two colors. They always give you a variety of options.

Different colors GSI is trying


Lia가 Rast Afri로 시도한 스타일들

What are the reviews of GSI products from subscribers?

To be honest, I didn’t know much about GSI’s hair products. I live in the East. GSI is a company based in the west, so I wasn’t familiar with it.  Rather, my subscribers informed me first. As far as I remember, I used GSI for the first time two years ago in 2019, and as my subscribers said, it felt so good to wear. As you can see from my videos, I tell the public honestly if it’s bad.  I’m so satisfied with it, and my subscribers are enjoying it, too.

In fact, the reaction of subscribers to her other video “Rastafri Tropical Curl & Island Crimp Crochet Hair Review” is very positive.

A Few Moments Later: “I like it because it feels comfortable, and look at this color. This unique color is giving me a confidence boost!”
One Week Later: “I felt that it was able to withstand water and it blows naturally to the wind. No matter how strong the wind blows, the style is maintained well! It’s light to wear. It’s been a very satisfying week!”

The responses of her subscribers

What Have You Felt Since You Started Working with GSI? Any Complaints??

I think it fits me very well. YouTubers like me enjoy trying new things every day, and GSI’s product development motto inspires me a lot. Working together and watching them, I noticed that they are thirsty for innovation, trying new things all the time. We are planning to try more things together in the future. I will review and introduce what they release.
The only complaint is that there are not many GSI products in the East. Me as well as my subscribers living in the East are having a hard time with this, so I hope many GSI products will be shipped to the East.


As a Beauty YouTuber, How would You Predict This Summer’s Trend?

As you know, it’s really hard to predict hair trends! (Laughs) Hair styles keep changing and evolving like living creatures. Nevertheless, if you want to know my prediction, twist and braid styles will definitely go well this summer. People are going to go on a lot of vacation this summer, and my subscribers are looking for styles for summer vacation. Passion twist, spring twist, box braid, etc. These will be the mainstream this summer.

Is there Anything You Want to Say to BNB Subscribers?

Oh, I just want to say thank you so much. As for all women who are interested in beauty like me, beauty supply is not just a store, but a part of our lives. For the past 20 years, beauty supply has been the most important part of my life. Thanks to these shop owners and people who are producing hair products, I was able to run a channel and continue to be beautiful. I hope my subscribers visit Beauty Supply with gratitude to the bosses who know black women well and are working hard for our beauty.



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