Masks Evolving into Beauty Products, Tips on Selling them!

Masks Evolving into Beauty Products, Tips on Selling them!


In the Corona era, masks have gone beyond the concept of daily necessities to protect health and are now positioned as a pillar of fashion items. Even in beauty supplies, masks have become a filial product with a fairly high proportion of sales. In the new normal era, where we have to live with the fear of disease in the future, masks are an important “beauty” item that cannot but sell well.

It is now necessary to set up a thorough sales strategy in mask sales. Are you roughly stacking boxes of masks in the store and taking them out from behind the counter only when a customer asks for them? “You can’t sell well that way,” says Hong Jong-won, CEO of Sunny Beauty Supply in Georgia. They say that strategic considerations such as how to display and how to manage mask inventory are needed. The BNB’s editorial department recently asked Hong for an interview about how he made good money by selling masks. We summarized the mask trend and sales know-hows that he told us.

‘Economic + style’, the two criterions for mask selection!
The mask trend favored by African Americans can be summarized in two ways.

First, they value economics. Disposable masks that are used once and discarded are economically burdensome. Therefore, they prefer a reusable mask after washing.


Second, it should be fashionable. A lot of customers like cohesive designs from head to toe. That is why they also look for a mask that suits their style. In other words, customers try to match their clothes style or color.

Therefore, in order to sell fashion masks smoothly, you must pay attention to the trending styles. There are two styles that are popular recently. First, masks with animal prints such as tiger, leopard, butterfly, and lion are gaining popularity. Second, shiny masks with the surface decorated with limestone is also popular. Although it is bound to be heavy because of the decoration, it ranks first in sales.


Display Method
In our store, masks were displayed by putting them on mannequins. Since the customer cannot try it on themselves, it was made to let them at least get a sense of what it would look like on their faces. Each mask was assigned a unique number, and made a display stand next to it and put the masks on hooks. It made it easier to find the mask that matches the identification number attached to the mannequin. Mask samples was taken out of the wrapping paper and was hung for the customers to check the material.
If you put all types of masks on display in one place so you can see them at a glance, customers won’t pick just their own mask. Considering the health of the family, each customer buys a few more masks according to their family members’ preferred style.


Inventory management
Masks are largely divided into basic items and fashion items when managing inventory.
First, KF94 masks, KN95 masks, dental masks, and black cotton masks are basic items that should be secured. This is because it is a product that will steadily sell as Corona is prolonged.
On the other hand, fashion items are in vogue, so if you order too much, there is a risk of inventory build-up. Therefore, it is advisable to order small quantities while taking a close look at the sales volume.

Masks are products that attract!
Nowadays, masks have become a necessity for everyday life, so it can be a weapon for securing customers if you stock them in a variety of ways. When rumors say, ‘Oh, there are all kinds of masks when you go to that store’, people come to your store to buy masks, and if they come to buy masks, they may also buy other items. This is another important reason to take care of your mask sales more carefully.

*Thank you to Georgia Sunny Beauty Supply for sharing your mask sales know-how for BNB readers.

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