Makeup Trend for This Winter? Follow Me!

Makeup Trend for This Winter? Follow Me!

The cold weather came to limit your range of activities, but the makeup trend for this winter is asking you to be even bolder than last year. Vibrant colors for lipsticks have resurfaced following the nude tone, and the eye makeup is also getting more vivid and bold. Let’s take a look at this winter’s makeup trend that has surfaced on Instagram and gathered attention on the runways.


Metallic eyeshadows that are sexy

To create a bold and shiny eye line, this winter trend requires metallic eyeshadows a staple. Silver colors like the ice in the winter can create a cool eyeline for any shape of eyes.


Provocative sugar plum lipsticks

Sugar plum colors, shades of deep purple, are the most significant change to lipstick colors over the year. Many overlooked the lipsticks because they hide under the mask. As if making up for the lack of attention for a while, sugar plum colors challenge you to try something new.


Glossy lips? No! Matte is the texture

In the past, you have used lip-glosses to make your lips moisturized, but this winter the trend calls for matte textured lipsticks. In addition to the aforementioned plum colors, cranberry and burgundy come with satin matte finish for your new look.


Bold blushers

Blushers had been marginally used for a touch-up or adding the contour to your face, but this winter they take the main stage. You apply blushers to your general cheek area to revitalize your entire face. Pass orange colors and choose reddish colors like pink. The resulting look is called “drunken blush” for a reason.


Exaggerated eyeline

Somewhat excessively bold and thick eyelines are likely to be very popular this winter. Top or bottom, all lids will be wanting a thick and exaggerated eyeline. Especially, many bottom lid makeup boasted an exaggerated expression on this season’s runways to the extend unreasonable to many.


Glitter accents add glamour

This winter, an exaggerated eye makeup is a trend. If you want to go beyond metallic eyeshadows, applying glitters on your eyes should do. You should always use glitter products designed and sold for makeup purposes only.


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